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These days, when you ask someone about their knowledge of Essex, they are pretty much guaranteed to bring up a certain reality TV show. Although ITVBe’s The Only Way is Essex may have introduced the county to a new generation of visitors (and reinforced some rather unhelpful stereotypes) Essex has been on the map long before the cameras arrived. With many parts of the county in travelling distance of London, Essex is a popular commuter spot, which also boasts a very interesting history. In Cheltenham, you will find fascinating Roman ruins and the Norman-era Colchester Castle (complete with a museum to brush up on your historical knowledge), while over in Chelmsford there is the stunning Hylands House, originally built in the 18th century and surrounded by acres of parkland. Of course, there are also plenty of historical Essex wedding venues to match, with Essex being home to a wealth of country manors and estates that are well suited to grand, luxurious nuptials.

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Of course, that is not to say that those on the hunt for some classic Essex glamour and excess can’t find what they are looking for. Essex also boasts a number of contemporary wedding venues which can host your special day, complete with Instagram-ready touches such as statement walls which can be decorated with doughnuts or Champagne flutes, or even fairy-tale carriages and horses.

While photo booths and jaw-dropping venues are much welcomed at wedding receptions, it’s also essential that the happy couple have the chance to take some professional and intimate portraits that will last a lifetime. Luckily for those planning an Essex wedding, the county is home to a plethora of wedding venues with gorgeous outdoor spaces that provide the perfect photo op, whether that be in the manicured grounds of an Essex estate, the fields outside a rustic barn, or by the lake of a historic castle.

So whatever kind of wedding venue you are looking for, the county of Essex is bound to have a space which is tailored to your needs. After all, it is the only way…