Ricky Paul has some tips on how to make an impact with floral arrangements

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Bring the outside in
Don’t be afraid to be bold and do something spectacular with your wedding flowers. Concentrating on large-scale designs inside a venue can allow you to bring the outside in. This is particularly useful for people getting married off-season or in a country that has unpredictable weather.

Bring your venue to life
When you’re working with a blank-canvas space, statement flowers can really transform a venue. Floral design, much like set design, creates the backdrop for anything you want to create. 

Make the most of every space
Creating a floral statement can be an excellent way of utilising unused spaces. For example, if the room is large, with lots of people seated, and the ceilings are high, use the empty space above your guests’ heads to hang floral designs. Similarly, you can create designs that go over a space that’s otherwise bland, transforming ignored areas or doorways into something quite magical. 

Show the way
Flowers can help designate spaces within a venue. For example, an entrance guarded by large, flower-covered lions creates an invitation to enter; a floral wall or picture shows where the end of an aisle is or makes a lovely backdrop to the top table. Large pieces can also create that all-important intimacy within bigger spaces.

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This article was first published in SquareMeal Weddings 2017