If you don’t want to find yourself in a Christmas pickle come 1 December, you should start planning your office party now. Feast your eyes on these Highland Fling-themed party packages from Party Ingredients, starting at £64pp, available at a number of London venues. 

The Scottish theme is ideal for Christmas and includes all of the essentials – cosy interiors, tartan blankets, and faux fur cushions. Staff will dress up in highland costumes to add to the atmosphere, and you have the option of hiring a traditional Scottish piper to really get you in the mood.

There are five packages available, each featuring Scottish favourites such as whisky, Angus beef, smoked salmon and haggis – even deep-fried Mars bars are an option. Choose between a canapé reception, food stations or a seated lunch or dinner. Free-flowing drinks are included in each package, but there are always options for upgrades.

Apothecaries Hall

Entertainment add-ons are also available. Choose between the post-dinner reeling, the female Scottish dance troupe or, our personal favourite, the Sean Connery look-alike!   

The venues to choose from are (capacities in brackets) the Apothecaries’ Hall (130, 200), Barber-Surgeons' Hall (120, 250), Salters’ Hall (120, 300), Saddlers’ Hall (150, 250), and Skinners’ Hall (170, 300). 

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