As the seasons change, London’s livery halls become even more appealing for grand events. Wood-panelled walls, leather seating, and deeps shades of red and green all add to the comforting, autumnal vibes inside

1. Vintners’ Hall, EC4V 

Searcys Vintners Hall - venue hire

USP Home to one of the capital’s largest wine cellars, plus grand silk banners and carved oak panels

Capacity 250
2. Salters’ Hall, EC2Y 

Salters Hall - venue hire

USP The post-war livery hall’s recent refurb allows for a more modern feel and state-of-the-art amenities 

Capacity 200
3. HQS Wellington, WC2R   

HQS Wellington Guide

USP Prime Thames views and antique model ships on display

Capacity 220
4. Stationers’ Hall, EC4M 

Stationers Hall - venue hire

USP Rococo ornamentation and gilding, plus some seriously pretty stained-glass windows

Capacity 400
5. Barber-Surgeon’s Hall, EC2Y 

Barber Surgeons Hall - venue hire

USP A red-brick mansion filled with artefacts from the livery company’s near-600-year history

Capacity 250

Plenty more livery halls and City headquarters can be found this way