Movie making and teambuilding with a little putty in your hands

Photos: Animate & Create

I’ll make the tears, you take care of the blood.’ Things have taken a dark turn on this rainy Thursday morning at High Road House.

Teambuilding with Whistable's Animate & Create

Stop-motion specialist Animate & Create has come up to Chiswick from Whitstable to give us a taster of what it can do for groups. With only a couple of hours at our disposal, we set about creating a sexy beach scene gone wrong. We’re soon fashioning old-school swimsuits onto slightly disproportionate models (their hands were bigger than their heads).

Teambuilding with Whistable's Animate & Create

An hour later, our characters are complete. While I’ve forgotten to give my bikini-clad brunette a decent pair of boobs, our blonde would make Jordan look modest. Throw our third and final character, a mohawked hunk, into the pot and we’ve got ourselves a good old-fashioned love triangle.

Teambuilding with Whistable's Animate & Create

Animation time. Using the filming equipment is easy, but manipulating the models is not. At 25 frames per second, movements have to be miniscule and our scene is less Wallace and Gromit, more Jason and the Argonauts, circa 1963.

Animate & Create teambuilding - making moves

We’re still pretty chuffed with ourselves, and go back to the office proudly clutching our plasticine film stars. We’re not expecting Nick Park to call anytime soon, though.

Animation teambuilding can be arranged for group sizes from 10 to 100+ at just about any venue (High Road House worked really well). Prices start at £55pp. Watch our animation

Unit 37 – Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 3PS, tel: 01227 281 966

This article was first published in Square Meal Venues & Events, Summer 2014