Hospitality 2017 best festivals out of town part two - festival no 6

The Welsh festival (held 7-10 September) will see Paul Ainsworth, Aiden Byrne, and Som Saa duo Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie arrive in Portmeirion for the weekend. They’ll be cooking for guests at the festival’s fine-dining offering Dinner at Clough’s, which for the first time ever will be held at nearby Hotel Portmeirion.

Friday will see Andy and Mark doing one of their signature Thai feasts (£49pp) with the likes of pork jerky, brill in banana leaf and oxtail soup served up family style. Manchester House’s Aiden Byrne will doing his fourth turn at the festival on the Saturday with a five-course menu featuring hand-dived scallops and braised ox cheek. Finally, Paul Ainsworth will be showcasing Cornish ingredients such as barbecued mackerel and steamed lamb pudding with oysters on Sunday (£69pp).

Dinner at Clough’s will run daily from 1pm until 9pm. Book your group in now to secure a spot!