We pulled out our cowboy hats from the cupboard and switched on our best southern accents as we tested out the western-themed Moonshine Saloon on Kings Road

Howdy! Slamming the swing doors of a western saloon open and making a dramatic entrance has been a life-long dream. Kitted out with a proper cowboy hat, a neck scarf and a flannel shirt made it all so much better, too. This is just some of the fun that await when you pay a visit to ‘the west’ of London’s Moonshine Saloon for a night of ‘illegal’ drinking and western drama. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the black-clad Clyde Cassidy, the owner of the saloon. Let’s say he gives a young Clint Eastwood a run for his money. He’s also the man in charge of the prohibited ‘moonshine’ that’s sold in the speakeasy (if you’re lucky, you’re invited to his study for a cheeky sip of it). 

Moonshine Saloon

We had just slid the bartender a bottle of our self-brought booze under the table when the local sheriff made an appearance. This ignited a series of dramatic events that transported you right into The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (be prepared for audience participation). 

We were seriously impressed with the level of detail that completed the experience – the interiors, the costumes, and the props were convincing, and the character’s accents and ability to improvise made all the difference. Have you watched Westworld? It was just like that, and we loved it. Even the background music had themes from the HBO hit series among its atmospheric piano tunes.     

Moonshine Saloon

You can thank Inventive Productions for orchestrating it all, the company behind the similar Alcatraz-inspired immersive cocktail pop-up on Brick Lane – also a BYOB situation. Aiming to bring something new to the London bar scene, it allows guests to be more in charge of their experience.  

This is ideal for a fun night out with the office or somewhere quirky to take your top clients. And if the nearly two hours in the saloon isn’t enough, you can move on into the General Store for some more drinks. Exclusive hire is also possible. 


Tickets £33.99pp | 535 Kings Road, SW10 0SZ | moonshinesaloon.com