We headed to a secret location (in Peckham) for an Immersive Swan Lake Experience at The Great Masked Ball 

What was it? An immersive, theatrical dining experience disguised as a masquerade ball with Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet as its theme. Dressed in their finest outfits, a buzzing crowd of twentysomething Londoners gathered in an abandoned warehouse in Peckham. After donning masks, the assembled ball-goers took their seats at long tables and enjoyed a sumptuous feast while a theatrical performance of Swan Lake played out in front of them. Characters interacted with the guests by inviting them to dance and, in particular, by trying to figure out whether any of the ladies in the house were single and up for marrying the ballet’s Prince Siegfried.   

 Great Masked Ball Immersive Swan Lake Experience

Who would we recommend it to? As guests are seated at long tables, it’s ideal for groups both large and small. If you want something more upscale and intimate for your favourite clients, we would go for the Chef’s Table. The food is prepared by former MasterChef winners Tim Anderson and Natalie Coleman, and you’ll be seated in a separate area. Be prepared to fork out for drinks, though, as the £149pp ticket price covers only a welcome shot and a cocktail at the end. Wine pairing starts at £29pp.   

 Great Masked Ball Immersive Swan Lake Experience

Did we like it? Absolutely. The atmosphere was infectious, with people dancing and getting merry – just like a proper banquet in fact. It is perhaps best suited to your more lively clients, the sort who will be up for a party. We especially liked the ballet performance at the end, which was accompanied by an orchestra that gave a stirring rendition of Tchaikovsky’s much-loved score. Truly moving.  


Chef's Table £149pp, VIP £89pp, standard £59pp
Available until 11 August 

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