Some consider it an extended suburb of London. In fact, a colourful past and free-spirited present mean Brighton offers fresh ideas for events of all kinds
Brighton Pier Dusk

From the Marina in the east to Hove Lagoon out west, Brighton’s beachfront runs almost five miles. Near the Lagoon, close to his Big Beach Café, Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook has an art deco villa. Up by the Marina, Nick Cave lives in a Regency home.

Ibiza-loving DJ to one-of-a-kind rock hero – it’s a big leap, musically speaking, and one that you could only make in Brighton. Because this is a place where barriers are broken. Sometimes literally, in the case of the mods and the rockers of Quadrophenia fame. But more often, it’s been social barriers razed to the ground in the name of progress. The result today is that, in between Norman and Nick, you can find just about every other tribe in the land, musical or otherwise.

Not only do its large public events help define the spirit of the city, they’ve given it the infrastructure to host significant private events

The UK’s only Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has her constituency here, while the country’s first zero-waste restaurant (Silo) also helps put the right-on into Brighton. At different times of year, you’ll find England’s largest annual arts festival, its best Pride event (ask anyone) and often a political party conference. Could be the Tories; could be Labour; could even be the Lib Dems. Everyone’s welcome. Except Burger King, whose proposals for a seafront restaurant were kiboshed by a crowdfunded community campaign that preferred to see the site go to a local craft brewer.
Brighton Bandstand
Not only do those large public events help define the spirit of the city, along with the tourism industry, they’ve given it the infrastructure to host significant private events. Trains from London Victoria take less than an hour when they’re on form. Gatwick airport’s halfway down that line. Once you’re here, two universities, a new Premier League football team, a historic county cricket club and the dedicated Brighton Centre can all help with the large-scale stuff.
Here, though, we’re focusing on the venues and activities that have something new going on, or that you simply wouldn’t be able to find if you stayed in town. London by the Sea? We disagree entirely.
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