As editor of upmarket style journal The Lady, Rachel Johnson has attended many a top-end society bash. She signs us off with tales of bouncing on a bed in The Ritz, swooning for Bill Clinton and multi-generational Notting Hill raves

All the best - Rachel Johnson - Rachel Johnson ascot_013.jpgBEST BASH
I stood between Bill Clinton and George Clooney at a White House Correspondents’ dinner in Washington DC. I remember thinking that George was teeny-tiny and went swoony over not Clooney, but Clinton. Other than that, it’s all a bit of a blur. I always enjoy the Spectator summer party too – tight blue dress time! The Tories always come out to play, so it’s not for sandal-wearing liberals.

I’m a tennis fanatic and was lucky enough to be invited to the Royal Box at Wimbledon last year. Unaccountably, I’ve not been invited back, despite dropping clunking hints to the new chairman and top Fleet Street editors. I’m giving away a trophy on Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot this year which, I predict, will not only be my finest experience of sports hospitality, but also the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.

I’ve never stayed in a hotel in London. Though, I admit, I did once bounce on a bed in The Ritz for a couple of hours.

London is replete with brilliant party locations: Chelsea Physic Garden, Commons Terrace, the swimming pool at the Haymarket Hotel, Wellington Arch and so on, but I always think the best parties take place in private houses. I gave a launch party for A Diary of the Lady at our offices in Bedford Street – 200 people crammed into one room under strip lighting. It was brilliant.

I work in Covent Garden so I’m really spoilt for choice, from Rules to da Polpo to Terroirs to The Ivy… I eat anything apart from eel.

Mine’s a wine please, squire!

My ideal party would be to get a huge marquee and stick it in my communal garden in Notting Hill. I’d invite everyone I love and we’d eat and drink hugely. There would be buckets of ice-cold Champagne and barefoot dancing round a bonfire. I’d get my nephew to organise live music and my three teenagers would invite all their beautiful friends. It would be a multi-generational rave for the whole neighbourhood. V&E