Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen an increasing trend to move away from the ‘traditional’ Christmas party; supper clubs, immersive experiences, street feasts, mindfulness – you name it, they’re all finding their foothold in the events industry. It’s therefore interesting to see that Twickenham Stadium’s client research (conducted earlier this year), found that, overwhelmingly, people longed for a more conventional Christmas celebration. 

With this in mind, the team at Twickenham invites event planners to its annual Christmas Showcase at the stadium next week (evening of 6 September). There, you can get full insight into the range of different traditional packages. A visit there will include an introduction to theming, budgets, production, and – of course – a taste of the entire festive menu. 

Twickenham Christmas fairy tale of new york theme

Pay special attention to the all-inclusive package with ‘A Fairy Tale in New York’ as its theme. This will transform Twickenham to New York, complete with the famous skyline and a winter-clad Central Park. We’re sure it will be classier than two drunken lovers arguing while the bells are ringing out for Christmas Day…  

Looking for something more informal? In the stadium’s new East Stand, which launched this autumn, a more casual celebration will be on offer. The brand-new pub, The Union Ale House, will be available for private hire. 

Interested? You know what to do – register here (it’s free).