Looking for somewhere special for this year’s festive do? No worries, we’ve rounded up the best and sorted them all by capacity just for you

Christmas at Pitt Cue

Pitt Cue
Price TBC
Seated 70
Standing 100
Postcode EC2M 4YP
Tel 020 7324 7770

Launceston Place venue hire

Price From £79pp
Seated 55
Standing 100
Postcode W8 5RL
Tel 020 7716 7887

directors lounge venue hire

Price POA
Seated 89
Standing 100
Postcode NW1 1DA
Tel 020 3887 4635

Bernardis - venue hire

Price From £40pp
Seated 52
Standing 100
Postcode W1H 5BN
Tel 020 3826 7940

Christmas at Feng Sheng Princess

Feng Shang Princess
Price TBA
Seated 120
Standing 120
Postcode NW1 7SS
Tel 020 7485 8137

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