Karaoke Box Smithfield

12 Smithfield Street Farringdon, London, EC1A 9LA

020 7329 9991

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Karaoke Box was London’s first ever private-roomed karaoke club, & its most recent opening in Smithfields sees one of the swankiest karaoke venues this side of Japan. With a choice of 15 rooms to hire, as well as a new VIP Room, groups of all sizes can be comfortably accommodated, creating the perfect solution for a great night out. Whether it’s hard rock, soft rock, pop, reggae or Big Band classics you’re after, each room has a play list of over 8,000 songs to choose from. And it doesn’t stop at the singing: Karaoke Box has a superb nibbles menu ranging from Japanese finger food to pizzas with truffle toppings & an extensive cocktail list to wash it all down.

Bar Sofa Area Meeting 100 Dinner - Reception 100
Room E Meeting 25 Dinner - Reception 40
VIP Meeting 15 Dinner - Reception 20
Room D Meeting 14 Dinner - Reception -
Room C Meeting 10 Dinner - Reception -
Room B Meeting 7 Dinner - Reception -
Room A Meeting 4 Dinner - Reception -
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