Help / FAQs

Help / FAQs

How do I collect SquareMeal points?

Register with us to join SquareMeal

Just fill in your details on the form and you will gain access to exclusive SquareMeal rewards

Already a member of SquareMeal?

Find your chosen restaurant on SquareMeal. You can search by name, postcode, landmark, location or rail/tube station. Or use our restaurant selections to find the perfect restaurant for your requirements. Once you have booked and attended your points will be added to your account. (Please allow 28 days from attending your booking before points are verified and added to your account)

How do I check how many SquareMeal points I have?

Simply log into your account

How do I spend my points?

When you have accumulated enough points, select rewards from our rewards page. Simply click 'redeem', complete the details and you will receive an email containing your reward code which can be used to redeem your chosen reward

How do I query/dispute my points?

Points and rewards can be queried from your points history page by clicking on the query button next to the relevant section

Terms + conditions

  • Monomax Ltd reserves the right to terminate the SquareMeal Rewards scheme or to change these terms and conditions, regulations, or benefits of participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the number of SquareMeal points accumulated by the user
  • Please be aware SquareMeal points may take up to 28 days after the date of the reservation to be awarded to your account. Restaurateurs have to confirm with SquareMeal that the booking was fulfilled
  • SquareMeal points which are not redeemed will expire one year from the date they are awarded
  • If Monomax Ltd believes, in its sole discretion, that a diner has repeatedly cancelled bookings or is abusing the SquareMeal Rewards scheme, we reserve the right to terminate the user's account
  • Monomax Ltd is not responsible for awarding SquareMeal points if, for any reason, the booking is cancelled or the diner is unable to make or honour their booking
  • Monomax Ltd may at any time withdraw, modify or cancel the number of SquareMeal points required for redemption
  • SquareMeal points earned during points promotions will be withdrawn if the booking is amended after the promotion has ended
  • Please click here to see the SquareMeal Rewards rules