11 things that happen in every office in December

11 things that happen in every office in December

Posted on 14 November 2018 • Written By Damien Gabet

11 things that happen in every office in December

Between awful Christmas jumpers, lots of drinking, lots of eating and some silly behaviour in photo booths there’s always plenty going on in the office in December. If you know someone who can relate to the below, by all means share it with them!

Let’s face it there are definitely more than 11 unique things that happen on the run up to Christmas. These are a few of our favourites, though.

Beware the bad Christmas jumper

Polyester or wool. We know which one you’ve gone for and it’s a MISTAKE. Cutting corners means that as well as looking ridiculous you’re going to sweat like a pig in the office, stink the place out, and, frankly, ruin Christmas. Buy the woollen Christmas jumper – for everyone’s sake. Then you’re free to dance like no one’s watching.

The same Christmas songs on repeat on the office radio

You’ve counted that Mariah’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ has played 27 times today already and it’s only December 3rd. Something’s going to have to be said, but you don’t want to be the one to do it. Our advice: get someone gobby on your side and let them to do it.

Drinking in the morning (is completely normal behaviour)

Eggnog and toast for breakfast? No, you’re right, it’s far too early for that. Let’s make it a buck’s fizz instead. Prosecco’s on offer at Tesco and there’s orange juice in the communal fridge – it’d be rude not to. Two or three glasses should take you through till lunchtime we reckon.

Drinking at lunch (obvs)

“Ooo yes, a large sauv please – nice and dry.” It’s Thursday lunchtime, which basically means it’s Friday, so why the hell not eh? It’s Christmas and you’ll be on dry Jan before you know it. Also, you’re going to need to drink to get through another afternoon of Christmas songs.

Drinking in the afternoon (is an absolute given)

Getting out of hand? Neh. It’s cold out there – let’s get the whiskies. Though, if using tinsel to lasso your favourite colleague seems like a good idea then maybe… Anyway, where the hell’s that drinks trolley you promised us!

The one night everyone’s been waiting for – it’s Christmas party time

Why is it always the shy ones that go cray at the Christmas party? Anyway, who cares: it’s usually hilarious and we need something to gossip about the next day. Let everyone have their fun. It’ll distract people from what you’re inevitably going to get up to.

Christmas carols: joyous or heinous?

This one really does split the office down the middle. You’re either a mega fan, singing your heart out with a smile from ear to ear, or the very thought of this mega-cringe fest strikes fear and loathing in your heart. Isn’t there some evidence to suggest singing in a group is really good for you? See, get involved Scrooges.

Aren’t photobooths the best?

I mean, if you think about it, it’s just a camera in box – and yet it’s always a blast. We personally enjoy a bit of photo-booth action: the funny expressions, the Christmas props and those precious memories maintained in paper form. The print outs on your desk will cheer you through the cold, dark months ahead.

Someone takes the Christmas desk decor TOO FAR

There will always be at least one person who loves Christmas so much that they can’t quite contain it to just one desk-sized Christmas tree. Cue metres of tinsel, ten snow globes and enough fairy lights to make your office fire warden’s heart race. 

Oh and someone else will hate the early Christmas festivities and totally let the whole office know about it

Cue harping on about Christmas being too commercial and A LOT of complaining about the office tree making an appearance on December 1st. Bore off Susan, Christmas is happening and you need to accept it.

It’s inevitable Secret Santa gets messed up

There’s always one! Either someone got themselves, someone quit their job and didn't ceremoniously pass on the name of who they were supposed to buy a gift for or - worse of all - someone buys a gift for the wrong person.

See, festive office parties are fun! Now head to our Christmas parties page for the season's best party planning ideas 

Lead photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash | All gifs by Giphy