Two minutes with Tomos Parry

Tomos Parry

Updated on • Written By Dominic Rowntree

Two minutes with Tomos Parry

New Mayfair hotspot Kitty Fisher’s is set to be one of the capital’s hottest new openings. Currently in soft launch, it officially opens next year. We managed to grab a couple of minutes with head chef and Young British Foodie award winner Tomos Parry, as he prepped his veg for evening service.

Tomos Parry at Kitty Fisher's How’s it going with the launch of Kitty Fisher’s?

We don’t officially open until January, but we’re having a soft launch, so it’s really busy and stressful setting everything up but it’s great fun too.

Does being a Young Chef of the Year award winner at 28 come with any added pressure?

Yeah, it’s exciting but there’s definitely more pressure for it to be a success. Everyone’s so obsessed with age these days but I don’t think it really matters. Experience is the most important thing.

Is the menu your own creation?

Pretty much. The owners (Tom Mullion, Tim Steel and Oliver Milburn) absolutely love Basque cooking; putting a whole fish on the BBQ and getting it nice and charred. We’re going to be doing a lot of charring here. We’ve had a custom-made grill brought in by the London Log Co and we’re burning sustainable English oak and beech wood which gives great flavour.

So no water baths then?

No way. It’s a listed building so there are loads of rules and regulations we have to keep it simple and we’re limited to what we can use in the kitchen. Also, there’s only two of us [Chris Leachy formerly of Pitt Cue Co]. Having a wood burning grill in Mayfair is pretty special.

Why Mayfair?

I was approached by the owners and when I saw the space I couldn’t say no. It doesn’t feel like Mayfair at all; proper ‘old London’. Shepherd Market used to be the red light district and it’s still got loads of character. I’m looking forward to cooking for a different kind of clientele.

Finally, where’s your favourite restaurant in London?

I love Pitt Cue Co but my favourite at the minute has to be Smoking Goat in Soho. The whole Cornish crab is amazing.

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