Thanksgiving restaurants 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 19 November 2015 • Written By India Dowley

Thanksgiving restaurants 2015

Things that we are thankful for:

1)    Umbrellas

2)    Cat videos

3)    Wine

4)    Plans for an all-night tube

5)    Did we say wine?

We’re sure there are lots of other things to be thankful for (such as the fact that thanks to modern technology we’re pretty much guaranteed a decent harvest every year, and stuff), but those are the first things that sprung to mind. So, whether you’re American or not, dust off those Stars and Stripes and take a moment to be thankful today. Done? You must be hungry – all that thanking is tiring work. Not to worry, we’ve put together a list of the best US restaurants in town, so you can go and chow down on some typically North American fare (and have something else to be thankful for).

Check out our guide to the best North American restaurants here.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Thanksgiving London north American restaurants


This article was published 24 November 2015