As social butterflies we’re at our best in summer. The long evenings, outside spaces and all-day warmth all help put us in a relaxed mood. But too often we fall back on the same old drinks: bottles of lager, a glass or three of rosé, jugs of Pimm’s.  In the interests of broadening our horizons we asked top mixologist Paul Mathew at The Hide in Bermondsey to come up with four easy-to-make drinks to enliven the summer ahead. Give them a go this weekend.

Words: Mark De Wesselow

chip dry white port and tonic 2017 web   

White Port and Tonic

1/3 Taylor’s Chip Dry

2/3 Fever Tree Tonic

Mint and orange to garnish

Build in a tumbler or wine glass over ice for a refreshing, good value, early-evening alternative to Pimm’s or a G&T

alleyuela 2017 web


25ml lemongrass and ginger syrup

20ml lemon juice

Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne to top

Build the ingredients in a flute and top up with the Ayala Brut Majeur for a summer twist on a Champagne cocktail. Cold, fruity and delicious.

bubbles and pink 2017 web

Bubbles and Pink

25ml Croft Pink port

Soda water or tonic to taste

Champagne or prosecco to top

Lemon twist to garnish [this is what it is in our photo]

Build in a highball or flute [this is what it is in our photo, and no ice], topping with Champagne or prosecco, for an invigoratingly crisp but intense, strawberry-fruited aperitif.

four sheets to the wind 2017 web

Four Sheets to the Wind

25ml Henriques & Henriques 5 Year Old medium-dry Madeira

25ml Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny port

25ml sweet vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

Strawberry, mint and cinnamon stick to garnish [this is what it is in our photo]

Stir all the ingredients over ice and strain into a wine glass [this is what it is in our picture] for a perfect way to keep the night young.

Drinks supplied courtesy of Mentzendorff wine importers

This article was published 30 June 2017