London is in the middle of the longest heatwave for 20 years and today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far (a scorching 33 degrees, if our BBC weather app is to be believed).

Words: Ben McCormack

Sushisamba Japanese fusion restaurant London City

Hot air rises, as everyone knows, so a rooftop bar is most definitely the best place to make the most of the sunshine and sizzling temperatures. And fortunately, London’s skyscraper boom has given the capital an impressive crop of dizzying drinking opportunities, from the highest terrace in Europe at Sushisamba (above) to old favourites such as Boundary (below).

So whether you want gobsmacking views of London’s skyline, a terrace above the river – or just a pub where an oasis awaits up a flight of stairs, read on for our pick of the best rooftop bars in London

This article was published 21 June 2017