Pick the right restaurant and the cheese course may well be the best thing you eat all evening. Here are the restaurants with the best cheeseboards in London

Whether you follow the French and have your cheese before pudding or stick with the British way and have it at the end of a meal, a well-kept cheeseboard can transform a good restaurant experience into a great one.

Cheese is a true feast for the senses, from the smell from the trolley wafting through the dining room to the visual spectacle of deciding which cheeses to choose and, of course, the best bit of all: tasting the cheese.

But by a well-kept cheeseboard, we don’t mean two or three sad slices served with some stale crackers: we’re talking about a big cheese of a board lovingly kept in peak condition, changing with the seasons and served by someone who knows what they’re talking about (and has in all likelihood chosen the cheeses themselves).

One cheese to look out for is Grana Padano, the world’s best-selling PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese and one of the most loved products in Italy. It has been made with the same passion for almost 1,000 years in the heart of the Po River Valley in Northern Italy using only local milk, and aged from nine to over 20 months.            

So from cheese-focused cafes to high-end fine dining, here is our list of the restaurants with the best cheeseboards in London.


Boisdale of Belgravia (above)

Champagne + Fromage

Chez Bruce

City Social (below)

Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

The Don

Drapers Arms

The Glasshouse

La Fromagerie

Le Gavroche

Le Vacherin

The Ledbury



Pollen Street Social


St John Bread & Wine

Vivat Bacchus


City Social Cheeseboard London restaurant

Grana Padano cheese brand