Years of having hopes for a scorching summer dashed with months of wash-out have made Londoners grateful for any ray of sunshine – or just a day without rain. And there’s no better place to make the most of the warm weather than in one of London’s best bars with outside space.

OXO Bar Jan 2016 4

Whether you want to drink by the river, on top of a tall building or just sitting on a stylish terrace, London’s got them all – and in the case of Oxo Tower (above), sky-high Bōkan in Docklands or the revamped Rumpus Room (below), you can have all three.

Rumpus Room interior

But pretty much every corner of London has an outside oasis to make the most of the moment the sun comes out. So from Soho courtyards to Camden chill-outs, City gardens to car-free calm in King’s Cross, read on for our list of the best alfresco bars in London.