The Life Goddess - Deli Divine

29 Store Street , London, WC1E 7QB

SquareMeal Review of The Life Goddess - Deli Divine

Apparently inspired by the Greek myth of a sacred goat ‘goddess’ called Amalthea (a symbol of life, nourishment and abundance), this ‘fantastic looking’ Greek deli-with-tables is dedicated to the best of Hellenic produce. Ingredients are imported direct from up to 50 small farmers and co-ops in the home country and the stuff also finds its way into the kitchen for a colourful menu that might offer anything from Cretan dackos (rusks with fresh tomatoes) or Brussels sprouts with Greek mustard dressing and piggy bites to a mixed deli platter with homemade marmalade, braised pork with leeks and celeriac or cauliflower gratin with kefalotiri cheese. Bloomsbury locals can also call in for coffee and a traditional Greek breakfast before work. Either way, the displays of superb pastries and the weird goat-themed artwork on the wall are unmissable.

The Life Goddess - Deli Divine Location

29 Store Street , London WC1E 7QB

Opening times

Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

The Life Goddess - Deli Divine's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.3


Service: 5.0


Atmosphere: 8.3


Value: 5.3


Food + drink: 1

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 1

12 December 2014

Unfortunately it was the waitress who let this place down. Seemingly intent on sabotaging our experience, she insisted upon delivering cutlery before the menu which we had asked her for three times. The vegetarian option was advised, which was a very sad looking little side plate of mushy 'roasted' vegetables which were not in tomato sauce as described but drowing (literally) in tomato coloured oil. This was the price of a main dish and was served without any bread or rice. Compared to the other main options it was a tiny portion, and almost inedible. We could not wait to leave.


Food + drink: 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 4

12 November 2013

You read about restaurants, you try them out but this was an experience that started with making new friends – a whole bunch of Greek chefs… they all had their strong points and their charms, the food was pretty tasty, the wine – yes the best and there was much laughter too. I just cannot wait for the deli to be on line, great way to sort out birthday gifts and my own need for genuine Greek products that taste divine! Thank you George for making London your new home. Just wish I lived locally so that I would not need an excuse to drop in for coffee and ‘pie’, heavenly breakfast – Greek style!


Food + drink: 4

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 4

25 June 2013

I have been to Greece few times and I was wondering why such a thing like a deli has now pop up in London. Until know. The Life Goddess, with its amazing set up, honest food and reasonably priced is a reason to visit Bloomsbury during lunch time. The service needs improvement but it is reasonable for a new place. A must visit for Greek cuisine lovers.

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