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91 Holloway Road , London, N7 8LT

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Brave the madness of Holloway Road &, a short skip from Highbury & Islington tube, you’ll get a rare opportunity to experience Georgian cuisine. Named after the country’s capital, Tbilisi has a somewhat stately air, with rich red walls & high-backed chairs in dark-brown leather. Staff are generally agreeable, & filling your tummy with generous platefuls of hearty cooking is unlikely to empty your wallet. Khachapuri, the doughy, cheesy Georgian bread, has many fans, & chikhirtma chicken soup arrives loaded with fresh dill. Starters of salads & mezze are good for sharing, while meat-heavy mains include a spicy beef stew & satsivi (chicken & walnuts with ghomi, a rice & cornflour purée). Georgia has a long history of wine production, & there are expensive bottles on display, but the wine list also includes more-affordable, & highly drinkable, options.

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91 Holloway Road , London N7 8LT

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Food & Drink: 5.5


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Food + drink: 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

20 October 2012

I went to this restaurant with a group of friends last week and thought we found a real gem on the holloway road. Food at Tbilisi was simply delicious; particularly the starters where Khachapuri (warm cheese bread) combined so well with selection of other veg starters. I liked the "Tabaka' for my mains – a pan fried spring chicken in walnut sauce with its great garnish. Georgian wine was pretty good too and the country is famous for its wine tradition. We received a friendly and caring service and finally the bill, which was surprisingly low compared to the quality of dinning experience we had. thats why I am going back to this restaurant in 2 weeks. Definitely recommended.

Food + drink: 0

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 1

31 December 2009

It was the worse place i have ever been!!! the waiter was coughing all over us without putting there hand over there mouth..nice :(( the managers girlfriend turned up and they were snogging it front of us.. nice :(((( the food was awful..i would enjoy macdonalds better. would not reconmend any to go there..thats why the place is empty .. poor people. thanks lee