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27 Battersea Rise , London, SW11 1HG

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“Can’t stop recommending it” exclaims a devotee of Battersea Rise’s casual French wine bar and restaurant. We concur: Soif is still streets ahead of the local competition. The daily menu doesn’t only base itself on Gallic soil – charcuterie features heavily, but Italian coppa is listed alongside rillettes and cornichons; Lindisfarne oysters are up there with Gorgonzola and burrata – though classic French-Mediterranean flavours are the mainstay. Whether you eat tapas-style (clams, chilli, garlic and lemon, say) or go for a more formal meal (Montbéliard sausage with choucroute and potatoes, followed by pannacotta), the cooking is invariably up to scratch. Staff are keen their customers enjoy themselves, and happily make recommendations from the huge and impressive list of organic and ‘natural’ terroir-led wines and French ciders. The split-level room decorated with French posters soon fills, but hard wooden chairs discourage lingering, so tables usually aren’t long in coming free.


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Soif Location

27 Battersea Rise , London SW11 1HG

Opening times

Mon 6pm-10.30pm Tues-Sun 12N-3pm (Sun -4pm) 6-10.30pm

Soif's Reviews


Food & Drink: 8.5


Service: 7.6


Atmosphere: 8.3


Value: 7.4


Food + drink: 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

Bronze Reviewer
11 December 2016

I really am blessed for choice near where I live, and this is just one of the restaurants I attend quite regularly. Best described as excellently cooked homely French cuisine, I think, and definitely one to visit if you haven't had the chance to do so! We started with the mixed leaf salad, with such fresh ingredients, which was drizzled with a warming mustard dressing. That was the start of things to come. My main was Mulard duck breast, truffled celeriac, red cabbage & artichoke crisps and my friend had Sea bream, leeks, ratte potato, chanterelles & vin jaune. If I could I would just stop there, that alone should be enough to tell you of the caliber of food they serve here. Duck so pink and tasty, the fat rendered perfectly. Celeriac puree was smooth and tasty and the red cabbage fresh, adding a nice contrast to the rest of the dish. I am assured the sea bream was amazing, but you already knew that didn't you... As for the wine, oh the wine... So good I actually bought a bottle of it to take home! A Domaine Plageoles I'd come here every day if I could. If I wasn't at one of the other restaurants that are nearby...


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

Gold Reviewer
01 October 2015

I live round the corner from Soif so I'm kicking myself that I haven't tried the restaurant sooner! I really loved our evening there.The staff are warm and friendly and it's a gorgeous space, really cosy and shabby chic. The menu is simple and delicious. Nothing is overly fussy, it's just really good French inspired food done perfectly. It's not often I really struggle to decide what to order but I really did here - everything just sounds so tasty. Starter was sardines with a aioli, main was onglet (slightly undercooked but not too much of an issue) and dessert a spectacular little chocolate cake with creme fraiche and raspberries. It's not cheap but worth every penny. We'll definitely be returning.


Food + drink: 3

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 2

Silver Reviewer
29 September 2015

Having been several times and always raved about Soif, last night was a major disappointment. We arrived on time, were given water and the waitress from the bar disappeared before we could ask for anything else. we beckoned her over for drinks and again she took off before we could ask for some accompanying nibbles. We then waited whilst two others tables entered, were seated and their orders for food and drink were taken. Felt like we had a 'do not disturb' on our table as every waiter/waitress spent the evening with eyes on the floor rather than doing their job. Food was good, not brilliant, but good. Services however, utterly useless. A real shame as good service can make a good outing great, and it was always a place I took out of town friends to illustrate that SW11 had grown up a bit. Will swerve Soif for a while, as it is no longer my go to spot on that little patch of Battersea Rise. The Dairy, Trinity, Manor and Bistro Union etc. provide a more consistent quality. GBP140.00 for two with two 500ml carafe's of wine.

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