Shad Indian Restaurant

96 Tooley Street , London, SE1 2TH

Shad Indian Restaurant says

Located in the hub of London’s financial and sight-seeing activity, The Shad Indian on Tooley Street is only a short stroll from the London Bridge station and the Thames. With its sexy cocktail-lounge style interior and enthusiastic staff, this modern Indian restaurant has proved to be a hit with both locals and visitors from out of town alike, and the colourful décor and dishes ensure this little gem is always busy with an animated crowd. Inspired by all 22 regions of India, from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, the menu at The Shad Indian is created with freshly ground spices and authentic flavours.

Shad Indian Restaurant Location

96 Tooley Street , London SE1 2TH

Shad Indian Restaurant's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.0


Service: 4.0


Atmosphere: 6.0


Value: 4.0


Food + drink: 3

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 2

10 March 2013

Overly the food was delicious. Would really recommend the lamb dishes and maybe the papadums. The mango chutney and the mint sauce for the papadums were excellent, but unfortunately I saw something that I wouldn't order this dish again. we haven't finished this yet (still 3 whole papadums left), but the main courses have already arrived and before we knew it. The waiter just took the sauces for the paradums away without asking us whether we still needed it for the paradums. I saw him taking the sauces away to a corner near the till, so we requested the sauces back. And this caught my attention. I kept seeing the waiters taking all the sauces for the paradums to this corder in stead of the kitchen. And when they needed sauces for the paradums, they would take these from this corner to the new customers. Not sure whether they will refill them whether they are significant seems empty, but the one we used, was put away into that corner and then ended up to the table next to us. It was exactly how we left it and without any refill. And the waiters were way too eager to clear away all the dishes. One of them even cleaned all what was left in one dish into my plate, because he saw me as last spooning some into my plate. It wouldn't be bad if all these dishes weren't shared. Others might want some too. The same was with the bottles of beer. Each guy ordered a bottle of beer and one of them drank significant faster. So the waiters kept refilling his glass with all the bottles of beer on the table even after our friend told him not to fill his glass, but also the others. But once you told him so, another waiter did the same thing again. Food was good, but the service could do much much better. Even when the food is delicious, but when you are rushed to finish your food and drinks, you couldn't enjoy the good food no matter how tasty it is.

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