Ponti's Italian Kitchen - John Princes Street

5 - 7 John Princes Street , London, W1G 0JN

Ponti's Italian Kitchen - John Princes Street says

For authentic Italian food in London’s West End, Ponti's Italian Kitchen restaurant provides a welcome oasis just off Oxford Street. Family-run since 1963, Ponti’s specialises in food from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Dishes are prepared using the freshest quality ingredients, and Italian classics enjoy a modern twist. The menu includes provenance info, so you’ll be able to see that, for example, your Parma ham actually comes from Parma. The open kitchen and wood stove oven create a sense of theatre, while salami, coppa, pancetta and prosciutto crudo suspended from meat hooks; and platters of large creamy balls of mozzarella di buffala, fresh green Italian olives, juicy vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, fresh focaccia and Altamura bread serve to whet the appetite. Apart from luscious sharing plates, traditional dishes dominate the menu, like lasagne al forno, made using the family recipe.

Ponti's Italian Kitchen - John Princes Street Location

5 - 7 John Princes Street , London W1G 0JN

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Food & Drink: 10.0


Service: 8.0


Atmosphere: 10.0


Value: 10.0


Food + drink: 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 5

Silver Reviewer
22 August 2017

Oxford Street is a great place to meet friends after work when everyone works in different parts of London but it is difficult to find a good place for a casual food and drink if you don't want to queue for hours for a table in a trendy Soho restaurant that don't take bookings (an EA's nightmare!). So Ponti's is a revelation as it is just behind H&M on Oxford Circus, literally the centre of the West End. I used to eat endless rounds of toast in the original Ponti's cafe back in the early 1990's when I was a student at the London College of Fashion over the road. The place has been updated and turned into a 'kitchen' but I'm glad to see that they still have booths as the original cafe did. There is something satisfying about a restaurant or cafe booth especially on a rainy evening when I last ate here that says 'I'm staying for the night, another bottle of wine please'. If there is a big group of you, ask for the round booth in the corner, although on a busy night the service isn't as good as elsewhere in the restaurant. The food is simple but good, pizzas, antipasti, perfect for sharing with friends. Wine selection is also reasonably priced and good quality. Good quality, reasonably priced food and drink but more importantly an excellent place to meet up with your chums and catch up on the gossip.

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