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7-9 Charlotte Street , London, W1T 1RB

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Times have changed since a fiorentina & a glass of Frascati was all you needed to impress a dinner date, but Pizza Express has changed with them. Formerly known for its intransigence – only serving a certain size of pizza (small!) & rarely varying the toppings – it now updates its menus regularly & gives its many loyal customers something to get excited about once again. Recent additions such as Marcona almonds tossed in sea salt, rosemary pizza bread & a larger ‘romana’ pizza with Calabrese sausage, fennel seeds, parsley & Grano Padano would bring cheer to even the snootiest of foodies. The ‘leggera’ pizza (with a missing centre, replaced by salad) & mini-desserts to accompany coffee are other inspired ideas. Service & interiors are always polished.

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7-9 Charlotte Street , London W1T 1RB

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Mon-Sat 11.30am-12M (Mon-Tues, Sun -11pm)

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08 June 2009

I am not a fan of Pizza Express – I used to be many years ago but something has gone seriously awry with this chain. Am I being too picky or should you really expect a top notch pizza to be served by a restaurant specialising in them? I now find every time I relucatantly visit a Pizza Express that you do not get even a decent pizza served. Is it my imagination or is the pizza dough base no longer made on site?- I used to see them spinning and making the dough behind the counter – now their pizzas seem no different from the frozen pizzas you can buy yourself from the supermarket. Couple this with tired service, poor wine choice, poor desserts – very disappointing garlic bread – where is the garlic? What are you left with? A hugely over priced meal .

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