Pho Stratford

Pho, Westfield Stratford The Balcony, Westfield Stratford City , London, E20 1ES


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Lovers of Vietnamese food who can’t get to Kingsland Road will be glad of this ‘cheap & cheerful’ mini-chain. As the name suggests, trendy Pho specialises in Vietnam’s national dish of noodles in soup, bringing fresh, vibrant cooking ‘bursting with a million flavours’ to London & beyond. Unlike many Vietnamese restaurants that squeeze the entire national repertoire onto one menu, this outfit has edited its selection to variations on soup, bun (vermicelli with stir-fried toppings), goi (salads) & the ever-popular spring & summer rolls. Don’t miss out on the papaya salad, pork & lemongrass meatballs or the house pho with fascinating additions; also, don’t overlook the coffee specialities, including the ‘weasel’ brew made from beans digested & passed by Vietnamese weasels –a Pho UK exclusive.

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Pho, Westfield Stratford The Balcony, Westfield Stratford City , London E20 1ES

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Mon-Sat11:30am-9pm Sun 11:30am - 6.30pm

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Food + drink: 3

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Gold Reviewer
30 April 2016

I remember that I have had delicious meatball starter and never had the urge to have soup noodles with them because we cook them so often at home. We want to have something different when dining outside, not something that we can do at home. But, mum was desperate for a bowl of soup noodles. So, we had a simple pho meal to satisfy the craving. 1. chicken breast in chicken stock £8.25 – the broth had a very clear and light taste. Too diluted for my taste, but mum enjoyed it. Big generous bowl with lots of noodles. 2. canh ga – seasoned crispy chicken wings served with sriracha sauce £6.75 – a mediocre fried chicken. It was very well seasoned and not too oily. 3. summer spring rolls. It wasn't the best Vietnamese food but something quick and simple, I will settle for this.