Norbiton and Dragon

16 Clifton Road Norbiton , Norbiton, KT2 6PW

Norbiton and Dragon says

Kingston-upon-Thames’s Norbiton and Dragon is not only a traditional British pub but it’s also a really very good Thai restaurant. While the concept of Asian restaurants inside pubs isn’t new, there are few places that mix the two as seamlessly as the Norbiton and Dragon where guests enjoy all their favourite drinks in a cosy, relaxed bar as well as delectable authentic South East Asian flavours in a stylish, modern restaurant setting. While maintaining the innate character and charm of this idiosyncratic curved building, the owners of the Norbiton and Dragon have breathed new life in to the space with a décor of natural dark wood and deep, warm red. On the packed, tempting menus you’ll find a whole host of dishes made to suit almost every taste, from indulgent banquets to sophisticated tasting options and full a la carte featuring the best of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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