Mint Leaf Lounge

12 Angel Court , London, EC2R 7HB


020 7600 0992

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SquareMeal Review of Mint Leaf Lounge



The dramatically lit bar and its fine cocktails take centre stage at this expansive City Indian, but for all its nightclub posing, Mint Leaf Lounge also serves "delightful" modern food that's worthy of attention. Combining deft spicing with an iconoclastic, seasonal approach to ingredients that's light years from three-pot curry-house clichés, it offers a feast of possibilities – from clever starters such as asparagus tempura with fennel, cumin and coriander or a shakarkandi salad involving roast sweet potato, pepper, pickled beetroot and puffed quinoa to bold mains including tandoori poussin or pot-roast rabbit spiced with fennel, mustard, chilli and onion seeds. Service is "discreet" and the wine list majors on heavyweight vintages at expense-account prices, although there are some spice-friendly Rieslings too. "Swanky" if stygian by night, Mint Leaf lounge is brighter at lunch – though it's hardly a place for sun worshippers.

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Mint Leaf Lounge Location

12 Angel Court , London EC2R 7HB


020 7600 0992

Opening times

Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm 5.30-11pm

Private Dining

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The private room at ever-buzzy Mint Leaf Lounge is a small attractive room discreetly separated from the main restaurant with wooden partitions and a luxurious thick dark velvet curtain. It works well with two tables or a u-shape. Audio-visual facilities include a projector and connections for a laptop and iPod, making presentations and meetings ideal too.

Note, too, the chef’s table experience: overlooking the open kitchen, the secluded chef’s table accommodates two-four guests (minimum of 48 hours’ notice required to make a booking). 

Small Private Dining Room Capacity: 30
Large Private Dining Room Capacity: 60

Mint Leaf Lounge's Reviews


Food & Drink: 7.8


Service: 7.3


Atmosphere: 7.3


Value: 7.0


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

Bronze Reviewer
06 August 2014

Went there for lunch, quick service, great atmosphere & good food and drink.


Food + drink: 3

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 3

Platinum Reviewer
26 January 2013

A decent (but not more) food offering for the city. Indian influenced (albeit not a real classical indian) menu. Great bar


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 4

Bronze Reviewer
23 June 2011

I had lunch with an old friend for a good catch up and “friday curry with beers”. I worked at Angel Court many years ago, so it was a walk down memory lane for me. For a Friday, it was very empty but we liked the decor and the welcome was lovely. The menu was very interesting, so we ordered with great anticpation. Duck and scallops to start, lamb pepper fry and pork vindaloo to follow. The starters arrived and were fantastic. really well cooked and seasoned with perfectly balanced spices. The main courses kept up the good news, both really, really good. Service was great. As we stuck with beer, I can't comment on the wine. It was a very good meal and I am looking forward to going again. I would not hesitate to have a business lunch there.

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