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77 Brewer Street , London, W1F 9ZN

MASH London
Ice block at Mash London (credit Paul Griffiths)

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bronze award


“If you love steak, go to MASH and enjoy” implores a devotee who worships at this Danish shrine to meat, which sprawls along beneath Soho’s pavements. With its racing-red leather, the odd art-deco flourish and high ceilings, the grand dining room is an appropriately capacious space in which to indulge voracious appetites, while the menu owes more to American traditions than Danish – witness mighty crab cakes with mango chutney to start, and heavy sides of mac ’n’ cheese or onion rings. Top billing goes to the Danish crown (a dry-aged rib-eye), but also look for new arrivals such as (comparatively) cheaper Uruguayan steak in a variety of cuts, alongside top-dollar Kobe, Black Angus, Australian and Nebraskan beef. The wine list is equally cosmopolitan with certain pricier bottles accessible by the glass, all overseen by master sommelier Jess Kildetoft. Prices are in line with the London steakhouse norm, while Sundays mean BYOB with no corkage.

Former Sommelier's Award winner

The Mash list is – understandably – bigger on reds than on whites. Expect to find plenty of top-end French bottles, and an exemplary line-up of wines from California, with a range of vintages from big names such as Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Ridge and Opus One. Good selection of larger-format bottles, too.

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MASH London Location

77 Brewer Street , London W1F 9ZN

Opening times

Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm Mon-Sun 5-11.30pm

MASH London's Reviews


Food & Drink: 8.1


Service: 8.5


Atmosphere: 8.0


Value: 6.9


Food + drink: 5

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 4

29 May 2015

There was an offer for MASH Steakhouse on Opentable which offered 50% off steak, as we all know steak is somewhat expensive in London and quality steak such as Wagyu is even more sky-high in price (for the average individuals such as myself). MASH Steakhouse gives off an old school – underground secret society’s restaurant vibe. I felt very exclusive (like I am part of an exclusive club) to walk a couple of floors to find myself entering this new environment completely different to any other restaurant around London, it’s a very grand ambience. I reckon there is probably more than 200 seats? If not, it certainly feels like it especially with a private room. I told my fiancé that I felt like I am dealing business in a badass environment like in the movies. We ordered a Linguine Tiger Prawns, Tomato’s and Chilli’s as the steak were set to be very large in portions. The tiger prawns were rather small in my opinions, but it tasted sweet. I could not taste the chilli’s on the prawns until I bit into a chilli then I felt the spice. It was very underwhelming in my opinion. The steaks however, were impressive in terms of size, juiciness level the taste, having visited Goodman and Hawksmoor previously I have been a little picky for steaks. If you prefer, there is an impressive wine list and a bar to have a relaxing drink before the steaks arrive or for people watching as it seems to be a huge in London. When we received the menus, there were a nice selection ranging from American corn fed, Danish grass fed, Uruguay grain fed and of course the Australian Wagyu beer fed massaged beef ranging from £38 to £95 depending on your choice. I was secretly hoping there were Japanese ones as there was a 50% off all steak offer but our waiter informed us that it did not include the Wagyu’s. But the steaks were large, it’s very American in terms of size and there was a choice of sauce to choose from. We both chose the American (from Greater Omaha) steaks, the 600g Bone-in Rib Eye and the 400g Rib Eye, both the steaks were Nebraskan certified and hormone free, corn fed and very tender and juicy. We had the béarnaise and the peppercorn sauce to accompanying our steak and for the sides we ordered the chilli fries and green beans. There were some almonds with the fresh picked beans along with the shallots. As for the chilli fries, they were spicy and tasted nice and personally I believe it went well with the green beans because one has a stronger taste than the other so it balanced out. Our steaks tasted nice and juicy, we assumed our steak were from the same corn fed cow but my one wasn’t on the bone, however one of our steak were a little more saltier, the texture was very soft. There was plenty of fat to satisfy the Wagyu beef lovers who didn’t order the Wagyu (namely myself) and you can tell the quality of the two meats were excellent in quality. We didn’t order the desserts as we were short on time and at the same time, the dessert menu seems very plain when compared to the main and drinks menu. The focus for MASH was the dining rooms and their impressive wine cellar which we didn’t have a de tour. The waiters looked after us carefully and had been attentive. At the end, it left us to wonder, how MASH Steakhouse is managing with the high rent prices in Soho and how they will be able to fill the whole of the restaurant. But at the same time, we noticed a table of bankers who took the private dining room and assuming plenty of wine and Wagyu’s to be ordered then the mystery is solved. Service: 5/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Food: 5/5 This post originated from


Food + drink: 5

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 5

17 February 2015

So, in nearly 10 years of being a member, this is the only venue I have ever thought of writing about. The staff are professional, friendly, the décor is on top form, the building is full of history, the location is bang in the heart of Soho & the food, oh my, the food is just wonderful. As soon as you walk down the spiral staircase (take the lift after you eat) the view you see of the restaurant is breath taking, which is why I am surprised on how MASH has been almost empty both times I have been here, it’s like I have my own secret restaurant. If they had better PR & Marketing, you would seriously struggle to get a table. There isn’t much I could say about the food, you don’t need to even chew the steak, the sides (of which we ordered all) makes you feel like you were eating the best American cuisine (minus heart failure & obesity issues) if you ate here, it will make Gaucho, Hawkesmore, The Cut & Goodman’s seem middle of the road.


Food + drink: 2

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 3

Silver Reviewer
22 September 2014

I have now been to MASH twice. The first time I was a little bit underwhelmed but thought I'd give it another go. The best thing I can say about MASH is that the room is amazing! Great art deco architecture and fittings. It's just grand. The food, on the other hand, was disappointing. Most of us had the tuna tartare which was pleasant but disappointingly bland. The waitress did an excellent job of selling us the Danish fillet which apparently was the special that day. I was going to go for the IBP rib-eye but her mouth watering description swayed most of the table. When it arrived it was again, pleasant but bland. My companions agreed. The sides of mac and cheese and creamy spinach were very good. The chilli fries were, well... disappointing. Service and atmosphere were good. However, I have had better steaks for less in far more modest surroundings. Should've trusted my judgment the first time.

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