Unit 53, 5 Merchant Square , London, W2 1AS

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Whether its macchiato or latte, you’re guaranteed a decent coffee in this Scandi-inspired eatery round the corner from Paddington Station, but they’ve much more to offer than that. Open from breakfast until dinner, there’s plenty of Nordic influence wherever you look. Start the day with porridge, Swedish pancakes or the breakfast ‘bord’ (ham, salmon, cheese and crispbread), move on to wholesome salads, open sandwiches involving pickles, bacon or gravadlax, or order something to share between your party – from smoked mackerel, trout and gravadlax, salads to côte de boeuf served with smoked butter and fries. As the day progresses, the coffees and teas morph into cocktails, beer and Aquavit, while the decibels and fun factor increase.

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Unit 53, 5 Merchant Square , London W2 1AS

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Food & Drink: 8.0


Service: 10.0


Atmosphere: 8.0


Value: 8.0


Food + drink: 4

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

26 February 2017

Now, I don't know about you but I'm glad the Vikings invaded Britain. Those axe-wielding-outlaws seasoned the English language with some serious Scandinavian gems. We can thank them for words like 'berserk' and 'ransack' but we can also appreciate other things the Vikings brought to the table. Quite literally. Because they brought some mad good grub along with all that fighting talk. And now, thousands of years on, we are given a taste of it at KuPP, London's newest and best Scandinavian inspired cafe bar. Slap-bang in between Paddington and Edgware Road, KuPP boasts a varied and pretty colourful menu, mixing the best of British with a Scandinavian twist. And the best bit? There's even a heap of choices for those of us striving to stick to those 'new year new me' health kicks. Nice. With its Instagram-approved-interior, school canteen reminiscent chairs and cacti-clad tables, KuPP offers brunch, lunch, hot and cold drinks to boot. Take your pick from pancakes with a side of sour cream to shock your taste buds into submission, or sample KuPP's Breakfast Bord which comes jam-packed with salmon, ham, cheese, bread and well, jam come to mention it. Or if you're really hungry go for the KuPP sharing Bord full of a range of meat that looks fit to fill a Viking Battalion. Salivating just at the sound of it? You are not alone my friend. So make like a Viking and march your way on down to KuPP pronto. You'd be berserk not to.

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