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71 High Holborn , London, WC1V 6EA

Kimchee Feb 2016 6

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bronze award


Peddling Westernised Korean cuisine for city slickers, Kimchee’s smart surrounds elevate it well above run-of-the-mill ethnic eateries. Dark wood & subtle lighting set the atmosphere for an appealing menu of Korean classics – plus a few lesser-known specialities – all prepared in a bustling open kitchen. Opt for intensely marinated meats or fish from the charcoal grill (pork bulgogi or mackerel gui perhaps), an aromatic jigae (Korean hotpot) or the signature dolsot bibimbap, a spicy mix of meat, vegetables, egg & rice served on a sizzling hot stone. Add balance to your meal with modum namui (sesame-seasoned vegetables) & the eponymous kimchi (perhaps not as fierce as aficionados of Korea’s national dish would wish). To drink, go for Asian-themed cocktails, potent distilled soju or Hite beer. Attentive service completes an atmospheric package.

Kimchee Location

71 High Holborn , London WC1V 6EA

Opening times

Tues-Sun 12N-3pm (Sat-Sun -4pm) 6-11pm

Kimchee's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.5


Service: 8.0


Atmosphere: 7.5


Value: 7.0


Food + drink: 2

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 2

Platinum Reviewer
24 May 2013

How the times have changed… A few years ago, a moodily lit, artfully ambient dark wood and slate room serving authentically ethnic South East Asian cuisine would have had queues out of the door. And it's certainly not that Kimchee is any worse than original contender Busabi Eathai, on the contrary, but we're no longer surprised at being able to eat such exotica in the midst of the city. Kimchee promises an ‘authentic, full Korean dining experience in the heart of London…’ Apparently their founder hand noticed a paucity of decent ones. Given the number clustered round the Tottenham Court Road end of Covent Garden, he hadn't looked that hard. That said, you can't quibble with the description he provides. It's certainly a full experience, the menu must have forty or more dishes on it, many of them not seldom seen outside Seoul. The majority of dishes fall into the ‘small plates’ territory. An extended number of them are a riff on the battered and deep fried, though sadly the few we shared didn't deliver anything that soared above the ordinary. Overly thick fried dough smothered the life out of already fairly tough squid, the knockout blow delivered by an acrid sweet chilli sauce. A Prawn Tuigim delivered a measly two (albeit decent) crustacea locked in a ‘tempura’ batter overcoat that could have held Hannibal Lecter. Things got slightly better with the main, a competent if pedestrian dolsot bibimbap. After a heavenly experience in Naru a few months ago, I was definitely in the mood for another go on the hot stone bowl filled with gradually crisping fragrant rice and veg. Here it just lurked rather than jumping out. There was no discernible sesame aroma, scarce veggies and little kick from a side bowl of chilli sauce. If I'm back, it'll be to take something from the evocatively fragranced grill at the front of the restaurant, the smell of which was one of the few real highlights of the place. Despite uncomfortable bench seating, the dark woods and soft stone delivered a handsome enough dining experience and for a business lunch where you're more concerned by chat than chow it gets a nod for being unobtrusively acceptable. It's a missed opportunity but one that still just about manages acceptability in the hinterlands of Holborn.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

16 July 2011

A korean colleague recommended me this new restaurant. I don't have a great knowledge of korean food but I just decided to follow her suggestion on what to order. Everything was delicious and service was excellent. The decor makes the atmosphere really warm, I like the open plan kitchen…it's nice to look at how busy they are behind the scenes. Service is perfect…when I left every single member of the staff was saying goodbye and thank you! I will definitely go back and try something new!

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