Feng Sushi Borough Market

13 Stoney Street , London, SE1 9AD

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Foodie snobs might turn their noses up at chain restaurants but they’d be missing out with Feng Sushi, a low-key group that’s respectful of the seasons and sustainability without being dogmatic. So you can have an order of ‘X-ray’ salad with pomegranates and avocado with your Loch Duart salmon sashimi, or pine nut and soba salad with your Japanese ‘fish and chips’. And if you fancy your chirashi sushi on brown rice, that’s not a problem. Everything’s available to go, with plenty of sushi and sashimi boxes to choose from – plus alcoholic support from Japanese beer and saké. Desserts are typically restrained – black sesame ice cream, perhaps, or chocolate mochi.

Feng Sushi Borough Market Location

13 Stoney Street , London SE1 9AD

Opening times

Mon-Sun 11.30am-10pm (Tues&Wed -10.30pm Thurs&Sat -11pm) closed Fri

Feng Sushi Borough Market's Reviews


Food & Drink: 3.0


Service: 1.0


Atmosphere: 3.0


Value: 2.0


Food + drink: 1

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 1

28 January 2013

Pricey, ordinary and absolutely no concept of service. The food is a watered down version of ‘real’ Japanese food (try Mugen on King William Street, or even Moshi Moshi at Liverpool Street station and you'll know what I mean.) The worse is their delivery service. They ‘lost’ my order the first time I ordered online. Subsequently there were instances where their Rock Shrimp Tempura (£9.50) arrives cold and soggy. Or the dip goes missing. Their California Roll is basic to the point of bland. Their half hour to 45 min delivery (LONG WAIT by any standard) is often delayed. Twice I have had to wait for more than an hour and a half. The last time the order went in at 8.45 and the final hot version of the food arrived at 11.30, after two attempts at delivery and three calls. By the way the management refers to their cooks as ‘Top Chef’. Let's not confuse this with Nobu. I used the service because it's close (about half a mile away) and when you're tired or the weather's bad, a delivery is what you want. A meal will set you back at least £20. I have written to the management pointing out the mis-cheorgraphy between chef, staff's promise, quality check and the delivery. Hoping that their operation may improve in the future. No reply after 24 hours. Not interested probably. That's the kind of restaurant you're dealing with.