6 Porchester Place , London, W2 2BS

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The sesame naan cooked in Colbeh’s mosaic-crusted, Iranian bread oven is representative of everything about this tiny, family-run eatery: it’s authentic, delicious & resolutely no-nonsense. Plates of spicy aubergine & walnut yoghurt salad, pickles & show-stopping bread may be served up with a side order of gruff ‘attitude’ – although fans insist that a certain surliness is part of its charm, & that the mixed mezze, the shish kebabs & the lamb stews rich with walnuts & spices make up for any lack of good humour. At weekends, crowds pack in to feast on special ‘green rice’ with dill & broad beans – ‘true Persian comfort food’. The setting is intimate & unpretentious, while approachable prices & a BYO policy (no corkage, but limited to one bottle between two people) enhance its appeal.

Colbeh Location

6 Porchester Place , London W2 2BS

Opening times

Mon-Sun 12N-11.30pm

Colbeh's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.8


Service: 1.2


Atmosphere: 3.8


Value: 5.3

Food + drink: 0

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 0

18 May 2013

Unfortunately I feel the need to warn fellow locals or potential customers to stay away from Colbhe in Portchester Place. It's such a shame as it smells delicious when one walks past, however having the food brought to our door was a big mistake. It arrived cold, dry when it should have been tender (lamb koffta) and soggy & limp when it should have been crisp (salad & French fries) and worst of all some of it didn't arrive at all. When I called to complain the staff member asked if I just wanted to add the missing food to the next order or would I like it delivered. As we were very disappointed with the quality (& wouldn't be ordering again anytime soon) we asked for the forgotten items to be delivered straight away. Another 40 minutes passed and I called again to ask where the rest of the food was again!!! This time the staff member was incredibly rude, he said it would take at least another hour and really didn't seem to care that their error caused the problem or have any understanding of customer service. When it finally arrived over 2 hours later than the original order, the delivery driver was sullen, moody and just as rude as his colleagues on the phone in the restaurant.  Please also be aware that the descriptions on the menu are not accurate as what turns up is not what the description leads you to believe you are ordering!! Really has been a huge disappointment, waste of money and a big shame!

Food + drink: 2

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 0

Value: 0

14 November 2011

I have never come across such blatant rudeness from restaurant staff. I invited an elder scholar to lunch. As we sat down, I should have foreseen what was about to happen when the waiter started complaining about misbehaving customers. The weather was cold and the restaurant practically empty. Yet the staff wanted to seat us in front of the open door. The waiter then insisted we wait until a specific table would be cleaned. We ordered tea with our lunch. We were told that as the kettle was broken, no hot drinks could be served. We asked for “torshi” (chutney), there was none left. I stepped out and bought hot tea from the next door cafe. When I returned he admonished me and told me I could not drink a tea I had bought from another establishment. I accepted his argument even though he said I could use the chutney. Within a couple of minutes, he served a cup of tea to another customer, in plain sight. We asked whether we could also have tea. Angrily he turned down our request and told us that if we are not happy, we should leave. Fearing that we would be served “chelo kebabs” laced with fresh house spits, we left. I wonder whether Colbeh is a genuine restaurant staffed by professionals in the hospitality sector. I genuinely doubt it.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 4

Platinum Reviewer
02 November 2010

I had exactly the same experience as those below – this was my second visit to Colbeh and decided to take a friend because the food is always very nice and it seems to always be full of iranians so must be authentic. We had the Kashk-e Baadenjaan and the yoghurt dishes – and our mains were beautifully tender lamb shish as well as another walnut/lamb stew with pomegranetes. Both were delicious and the flat bread is worth going alone. Service – and i swear its literally one middle aged woman as the rest are very friendly – is appalling. Asked for tap water but ‘they didnt do tap water’ – like the others here, her attitude was such as they were doing us a favour for serving us. The bill also had no breakdown of the dishes so we couldnt be sure it was correct though came to roughly £40 for two so seemed reasonable given the amount of food we had. If you are literally looking for good food regardless of the service, then this is ideal. If you are looking for more atmosphere and want the whole package, then id recommend many of the middle eastern restaurants in the area which have similar standards of food and much more welcoming.