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7-9 Exhibition Road , London, SW7 2HE

Casa Brindisa December 2015 2

SquareMeal Review of Casa Brindisa

A go-to for produce geeks chasing their jamón fix, Brindisa is a by-word for the finest Spanish comestibles. This South Ken branch is mercifully free from gastronomic pontificating, with no-nonsense tapas coming thick and fast in the open-fronted dining room (tiles, whitewashed walls, crammed-in tables). Think simple when ordering: platters of acorn- fed ham and chorizo, Gordal olives stuffed with orange, flavour-bomb boquerones or blackened Padrón peppers all shine, while albondigas con sepia (meatballs with cuttlefish) aren't far behind. More creative efforts such as baby octopus buried in salty samphire can be variable, but traditional desserts are unmissable – try the cold rice pudding with caramelised milk ice cream. With sought-after pavement tables, ample standing room at the bar and a newly minted ‘charcuteria' alongside, pit stops for a sherry and some meaty nibbles are a must.

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Nearby Tube/Rail Stations

South Kensington Tube Station 88m

Gloucester Road Tube Station 757m


Address: 7-9 Exhibition Road , London SW7 2HE

Area: South Kensington

Opening times

Mon-Fri 11am-11.30pm Sat-Sun 9am-11.30pm (Sun -10.30pm)

Nearby Landmarks

Ciné Lumiere 215m

Natural History Museum 232m


Telephone: 020 3544 2486


Cuisine: Spanish Tapas


Food & Drink: 7.8

Service: 7.1

Atmosphere: 7.0

Value: 6.5

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 4.0

SEW bronze reviewer 04 September 2017

Which ever of the Casa Brindisa I have been to, they have all been excellent. Outstanding food and brilliant service every time. However, you absolutely must book as every time I have been, it has been packed.

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 5.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 3.0

Gurcharan M. 25 May 2017

We chose to go to Casa Brindisa based on the reviews here and it's proximity to The Natural History Museum, as we were seeing an exhibition there. The food and service were fantastic, the kids enjoyed all the dishes which was a bonus. The buzzy and informal atmosphere made for a relaxing evening out for the whole family. The only negative would be that it was a bit on the pricey side but for the location to be expected.

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 3.0

Value: 3.0

Timothy P. silver reviewer 28 October 2013

We ate on a Friday evening at 8pm (after seeing the amazing World Wildlife Photography exhibition) when it was full (but of course I'd pre-booked via SquareMeal!); the waitress Vanesa did a great job taking and delivering the orders in the midst of clamour and conversation. A glass of crisp cold sherry was followed by tasty grilled padron peppers, and then really good salt cod, mixed squash & beetroot, and then grilled chorizo. All hot, and reasonably priced for the location amidst tourist central. With a few glasses of wine, £70 or so felt just about right.

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 5.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 5.0

Megan Q. 26 June 2013

Visiting London from States, and saw this while on the Big Bus Tour. Intrigued by the area of South Kensington we looked it up online and booked a table for two. No problem getting the reservation @ 20:00 which worked perfectly for us. Figured out the bus and on our way… We were greeted right away and assured it would just be a few min as we were early… Had a drink at the bar and then seated within 10 min. Wait staff very attentive and helpful -made excellent recommendations and we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. MUst haves are the Green Salad, and Gordal Olives!! Hope to make it back while we are here and highly recommend to all:)

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 2.0

Atmosphere: 3.0

Value: 2.0

Claire W. 02 May 2013

I am a fan of tapas and Casa Brindisa seemed to have a good atmosphere so I thought it was worth a try. Unfortunately we were put at a table right at the back which rather reduced the atmosphere and our struggles to obtain the attention of waiting staff sometimes went unrewarded. However our waiter was very friendly and helpful when he arrived. The food was fine but relatively uninspiring – for really good tapas in South Kensington, go to Tendido Cero.

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 3.0

Value: 3.0

London Gourmet platinum reviewer 28 January 2013

A decent tapas offering close to south ken tube. Food is of a generally good quality and standard with pretty attractive and decently priced wine list. Service can be a bit random at times but this is a good choice for a quick good tapas meal as long as you're not looking for a gourmet experience

Food & Drink: 1.0

Service: 0.0

Atmosphere: 1.0

Value: 1.0

Sybaricious bronze reviewer 27 April 2012

Although Casa Brindisa in South Ken was far from “truly terrible” it certainly had enough fatal flaws to sharpen my claws on and ensure that I don’t visit again. Probably ever. Now don’t get me wrong, I really did want to like it and I tried very hard indeed. I love Brindisa. If ever I need decent paella rice, quince paste, chorizo or any other number of Spanish ingredients, their Borough shop would always be one of my first ports of call, however that doesn’t mean that they can automatically use those top notch ingredients to serve up a good meal as V and I found out to our detriment. Croquetas are one of my favourite Spanish dishes and as such I tend to have high expectations. Although they won't be taking the Croqueta Cup for the best ones that I have ever tasted the ham and chicken ones were good and consequently the highlight of the meal. Nice and light with thin strands of chicken and ham flecked throughout the creamy interior and just being held together by the crispy outer shell. I would have those again. Beetroot and Picos blue cheese salad with walnut vinagreta had all the markings from the menu description of being very tasty indeed. The individual ingredients were indeed rather yummy. That said the salad had not been very well combined, lacked enough interesting dressing and walnuts seemed added as a sort of “oh bugger they're on the menu so we'd better add them to the plate” afterthought. Not a bad side dish though. Baked goats cheese was never going to win any beauty paegent prizes and was a bit too sickly due to the honey it had been soaked in after being deep fried. It was quite tasty in a creamy rich sort of way and as a part of a tapas selection but even with my propensity towards rich and sweet food I couldn't have managed a whole one. Perhaps adding something tangy to cut through the sweet cloying cheese may have improved it. Tortilla: Imagine a balmy summer day, blue skies punctuated by fluffy little cotton wool clouds, sat on a blanket with a bottle of something chilled and fizzy. Wouldn't an accompanying slice of cold tortilla be rather tasty? Contrast that mental image with a window table in a restaurant on one of the coldest nights this winter with other piping hot food on the table, and a cold tortilla is just disappointing. (I did check and it was apparently supposed to be served “between hot and cold” – it wasn’t.) Flavour was added by the presence of caramelised onions in the potato and egg mix but the brown of the sweet onions also had a slightly unfortunate aesthetic effect rendering it not dissimilar to an eve’s pudding mix where the apples have been left out a little too long and oxidised brown. In all though, it was rather hard to detect any distinct flavours in the tortilla itself as someone had drenched the dish prior to serving in olive oil Jamie Oliver stylee. This bath of oil meant that not only did the dish look greasy, but all I could taste was a strong flavour of oil which was a shame. I’m convinced that had the dish been fresh and warm without the oil innondation it would have been a really pleasant tortilla (although sadly not as good as the one at Tortilla Trophy winners Angels & Gypsies). Vegetarian bomba. £2.50 giant croqueta of vegetable, breadcrumbed and fried. Nice enough to make it worth its £2.75 price tag. King prawns with garlic and chilli The prawns were juicy and succulent with a sweet flavoured flesh although perhaps this sweetness was enhanced by the overwhelming burnt flavour of the scraps of garlic and chilli in the oil that they were sat in. There was no spicy kick to these prawns at all. I'm sad to say that I've inherited a pretty rubbish chilli tolerance level from my father however even when I intrepidly chewed on the burnt, dried out husk of a chilli languishing in the oil, heat effect was minimal. Not even a warm, tingly murmur. Iberico de Belota Chorizo came served in thin slices and was a very generous sized portion indeed, so much so that half of it needed to be taken home and will certainly not go to waste. Provenance of great ingredients is not in any doubt here. There is, however, disparity in the pricing of dishes; five indifferent prawns for £8.50 or enough chorizo for four for £5.25. Granted the prawns involve more preparation but that chorizo was fabulous! Rich and greasy with just the right bite of smokey paprika, I would have been happy paying the same for a good third less. Service was quite random, one two occasions the same waitress bought differing trays of someone else’s food to our table and tried to serve it. On other occasions catching an eye became something of a game. The service lowlight for me, however was when dessert arrived. A slice of almond cake was served sat on top of an ugly smear of orange coloured puree. Rather annoyingly, I’m allergic to a variety of fruits and veg (not great for someone who enjoys food as much as me!) and therefore have to be a bit careful about what I eat so we thought we’d better check it out. Two separate serving staff (mis)identified the smear as either caramel, sweet potato or orange despite my having highlighted an allergy at the table that can result in anaphylactic shock. Kinda worrying. Our other dessert of Turron Mousse with PX soaked raisins was pretty decent and not bad value at £5.50 but more raisins please! On the wine front the cava that we ordered was nice (my favourite non-committal adjective again). A glass of Pedro Ximenez Verastegui with dessert, however, was unlike any other PX I have ever tasted. Not in a good way either. It lacked the blast of raisiny, syrupy Mmmmmm that I normally look forward to in a PX. My fault really as I should have noted the description of “light in colour” but disappointing nonetheless. In summary, Casa Brindisa really does have excellent raw ingredients. Their hams are unsurpassable. That said, any idiot can buy really excellent ingredients and put them on a plate, it takes a bit of culinary skill and alchemy to then turn those ingredients into something special and this is where Casa Brindisa just couldn’t make the leap for me. The true measure of value of a restaurant is when the bill comes. I have been faced with restaurant bills for several hundred pounds and not flinched because the meal has been so utterly excellent that I would happily have signed away the rights to any future first born child without batting an eyelid whereas on this occasion all eyebrows were raised in unison at £90 for two as this really didn’t feel like good value at all. Until my visit the name Brindisa had been synonymous with really good Spanish food but the South Ken outpost has not only shaken, but uprooted this belief. They really need to sort their act out if they aren't to damage the brand for the other stores and eateries. on the other hand maybe the brand is to blame, had I eaten this meal at an unnamed tapas restaurant I would probably thought it ok and not gone out of my way to return but I expected more from Brindisa, hoisted by their own petard maybe? Rant over, promise. Visit: Jan 2012

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 4.0

Ludmila 18 December 2010

I have never actually been to Spain. But through Casa Brindisa a part of me gets to travel there. You can identify all the Spanish flavors in their classic tapas: tortillas, croquettes, prawns in garlic, charcuterie, papas bravas and so on. They recreate the real thing. How do I know it is the real thing? Because the restaurant is full of Spanish costumers. If you do not book a table before showing up, you might have to wait at the bar. Their wine selection is quite good as well. And they have a store where you can buy a variety of spanish imported products. The restaurant is well priced. We spend around 60 pounds every time we go there, for 2 people. But you could go up to 100 pounds for 2 people if you get fancy with the pata negra ham, or a whole bottle of wine (they have a good selection of wines by the glass) Casa Brindisa is not pretentious, it is simple and delicious. The staff is kind, service is fast. I would go back as often as I could. Do not miss out on it!