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626 Finchley Road , London, NW11 7RR

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“Food, food, food – you don’t come here for the decor,” enthuses one fan. Clearly, Café Japan has made little effort in the way of decorative embellishments to win over customers, but no matter. The place has its devotees and the use of the word ‘café’ goes some way to excuse any capital investment. What you get is straight-up Japanese food prepared before your eyes in the open kitchen by the front door. Sushi and sashimi attract the lion’s share of the praise: salmon and avocado inside-out roll, say, or classic nigiri and maki. There are hot dishes, with familiar options such as prawn tempura and chicken teriyaki alongside the more glamorous black cod. The low prices are part of the attraction too, and we reckon these are indeed cause for celebration.

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626 Finchley Road , London NW11 7RR

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Tues-Sun 12N-2pm (Sat-Sun -2.30pm) 6-10pm (Sun -9.30)

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Food & Drink: 10.0


Service: 9.0


Atmosphere: 9.0


Value: 10.0


Food + drink: 5

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 5

Platinum Reviewer
25 March 2011

Cafe Japan is my local and i am never disappointed. True, i ALWAYS have the tori chicken, rice, and aubergine starter – however its always super delicious and fresh and completely reasonable in price. Ive even been known to get takeout here too – when i really cant be bothered to cook and fancy an indulgent evening! Ive been to the Zumas etc but surprisingly, you pay a lot more there but its the same, if not lesser standards of cooking! Id much rather frequent here and not feel ripped off. The place is always busy – we got a walk in table for half 6 recently, only really allowed to have it till 8 when by then there was a queue of those who had already booked. There is limited space, say 6 booth types and 3 tables for 2 though you can always sit at the counter and watch the friendly chefs do their magic. Pricewise – i could have the above for approx £15 at most. I could get a full meal here for half the price of a main at Zuma. My friends who love sushi always rave about the food too – plus its often full of Japanese people (always a good sign). Im no sushi expert but there seems to be a decent selection plus the normal black cod or yellow tuna etc etc. I never had pudding but there is the matcha ice cream etc for those who fancy it. Well worth a visit up to North London!