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1 Bread Street , London, EC4M 9BE

burger and lobster 2012
burger and lobster 2012

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Burger & Lobster definitely takes some beating. There’s a winning simplicity to its eponymous offering of hand-minced corn-fed Nebraskan beef and fresh lobster from Nova Scotian waters. The menu is short, but no worse for it – unless you’re vegetarian, of course. Take your pick from meaty burgers (with extra cheese and bacon), juicy steamed or char-grilled lobster, and buttery lobster rolls in toasted brioche with a lick of wasabi mayo – each served with fries and a salad at pocket-friendly rates. Drinks call for slightly more protracted decision-making, with a mixed bag of wines, beers, fizz and food-friendly cocktails to consider. No reservations; a short wait is the price you pay for affordable luxury.

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Burger and Lobster City Location

1 Bread Street , London EC4M 9BE

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Mon-Fri 11.30am-10.30pm

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Food & Drink: 6.0


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Food + drink: 3

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Atmosphere: 4

Value: 3

03 May 2013

£20 for a burger is a pretty hefty sum of money so for that you would reasonably expect something that wows – succulent, juicy beef, spot on seasoning, an artisan brioche bun perhaps, and crispy, tasty chips. However, the reality is somewhat of a disappointment. Yes, the burger was juicy and succulent and perfectly cooked to medium rare, and yet it was all rather bland and textureless. It was almost as if it had been passed through the mincer too many times. But the real downer were the chips – they looked lovely, but forlornly were devoid of any crunch or crispiness. For a £10 burger joint this can be forgiven, but at £20 ? Not likely… The other half had a lobster roll – big on flavour she declared, but so meagre and skimpy in portion that it was almost more bread than lobster… Service is tight, quick and efficient and I have no issues with the rest of the operation. Sadly it just didn't live up to the hype on this occasion. And the bottom line question of whether I would be back? I think I would struggle to justify a revisit…

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