City Point, Unit 1b, 1 Ropemaker Street , London, EC2Y 9AW

SquareMeal Review of Blossom

Clean, neat & functional, this eatery at the foot of the CityPoint building serves an appealing combination of Japanese & Korean food for hungry workers. Communal seating is the order of the day here, with wooden benches adding to the canteen feel. Bento boxes, including prawn katsu curry, sashimi, & chicken teriyaki start at just over a tenner, or you could go for a lighter bite such as sesame belly pork, crispy duck roll or chilli squid. There’s also a predictable assortment of maki rolls, noodle soups & sushi, but adventurous eaters should home in on the Korean nabes (served in a traditional iron pot with a side of rice) or the hotpot-style bibimbaps. Wash it all down with saké or something from the tiny beer & wine list.

Blossom Location

City Point, Unit 1b, 1 Ropemaker Street , London EC2Y 9AW

Opening times

Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm 6-10pm

Blossom's Reviews


Food & Drink: 8.5


Service: 7.5


Atmosphere: 7.5


Value: 7.5


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 4

Bronze Reviewer
29 May 2012

I come here for the bibimbap, a signature Korean dish which consists of a red-hot stone bowl filled with raw ingredients, kimchee and an extremely careful waitress stirring the whole dish together! It's filling, usual and delicious – I recommend either the rib eye or the tobiko (flying fish roe) and snow crab. Other things I've enjoyed there are decent, well-priced katsu curries, bento boxes and deep fried squid, dishes which no doubt serve the hungry City worker well. When I've had sashimi, it's been fresh and tasty if a little ordinary. Service is also really friendly and helpful – but with only one white wine and one red on the wine list, it doesn't take long to make a decision on what to drink! One thing I've wondered though, is why it's so empty in the evenings – this means the atmosphere can seem a little lacking. But it's a great little find if you're looking for some decent Japanese / Korean food in the city at a good price.


Food + drink: 4

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 3

11 November 2011

The food was great. Vegetarian options were varied and tasty, which is a nice surprise in the City. However, I strongly resent being made to eat with a plastic fork and spoon. I am not 5 years old, nor am I on a plane. I have never seen such a thing. I asked for “proper” cutlery and was told they don't have it. Not only is this environmentally irresponsible, but I am unable to eat with chopsticks, medically as well as generally. I also resent not being able to provide this feedback on their website as the only contact details supplied is the phone number for takeaway orders. What a shame that good food is let down by such an idiotic practice.