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Maison Kayser

8 Baker Street, London W1U 3BS

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 3.0

New from Paris-Interesting Bakery cum Cafe 24 March 2017

Visiting London less now due to the prevailing situation but was nonetheless delighted to visit this new opening easily found at "The Portman Square end of Baker Street". You have a selection of ready meals and salads,patisserie & bread(eg.Turmeric,buckwheat,walnut loaves in large or small) counter,cafe. All looked exciting. The staff were amenable to customers requirements.Sit where you like,buy this eat it here or there etc. Good communication & quick responses. Cafe clean & well managed.Light and airy.Modern decor. Quite pricey even more so if you opt to eat "in".From £1 to £2 added per item. The actual food was above average for London I guess. A bit sparse on main meals but this is primarily a bakery. The cakes were skillfully made maybe just a bit on the teeny side & a tad dryish,like they'd been around a day or two. Chocolate Slice,various mini buns,eclairs,praline slice,croissant type,also a range of jarred jams & sweets in packets. But certainly far better than The London average. Still not quite hitting the 10 out of 10 buzzer though,with me. Still all in all an exciting one off experience1

Shake Shack

24 Market Building, The Piazza, London WC2E 8RD

Food & Drink: 2.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 2.0

Value: 2.0

Shake Shack.Tried their Brand for the first time 28 February 2017

After hearing about The Coventry Street branch on here I was passing the new Nova Mall in Victoria yesterday and spotted a brand new Shake Shack (same chain)there.That new one is not listed yet on Square Meal I don't think so this applies to the SS format in general based on The Victoria experience. OK so its very slick in a huge hi tech new building.All light & glass.You get a buzzer which flashes when your meal is ready to collect though they offer the option to serve too. Staff friendly and on the job. A tad overpriced for essentially a Wimpy Burger .(c£5) Fries £3.But was nice beef(Aberdeen Angus apparently) though a bit thin. Frozen choco ice cream a bit sickly.They call it custard for some reason but its more ice cream.Took a long time to eat and a bit of a chore. All in all nice place to sit. But left feeling a bit hungry. Quick service from the service team who represented an array of nationalities.

Shake Shack Victoria

Nova Victoria, 79 Buckingham Palace Road , London SW1W 0QU

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 2.0

Value: 2.0

Ate there yesterday."Emperors Clothes phenomonen"Yeppers. 28 February 2017

The building this is situated in The new Nova Centre .Its so new the builders round about are still putting the finishing touches to many of the restaurants next door. A large glass hi tech artrium style with of light and a profusion of seating areas for 100s was pretty much empty on a wet afternoon.It will perhaps be discovered by commuters? The Service is done well with over eager hired staff frequently communicating & enquiring how things are goingTables are meticulosly kept clean & cleared. What youd expect from The States I guess. You get handed an electronic buzzer device which flashes when your burger order is ready 7 it was pretty quickly. You can choose collect from counter or have brought to your table. However the crux of all this slickness is a tad over hyped & somewhat thin. A rather small & thin albeit "quality"cheesburger gone in 1 minute & 3 bites. Maybe thats why its called fast food? Left feeling hungry,noticeably.And £5 down. The chocolate desert-(was repeatedly informed "weve only got chocolate"),is billed as some sort of frozen custard conncotion but I found it to be a rather frozen and sickly sticky little tub that took a long time to scoop and eat a mix of frozen chocolate yoghurt & ice cream.Rather underwhelming.Oh well another £5 gone.(I noticed Hagen Daz is only £2 a large tub on offer at our local Supermarket). That was it.I felt hungrier than when Id gone in.If Id spent 3 times as much (£30)maybe not. Couldnt help thinking if this is food in The States its dissapointing reenforced by eventually weary experiencesof a US bakery up the road A good attempt at an upscale Macdonalds but still wanting......

Flora Indica

242 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0DE

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 4.0

Impressive Nouvelle cuisine with care & attention to detail.Yum. 04 November 2016

Relaxed unrushed service this is far away from being a typical "indian"restaurant. The place is interesting with Steampunk decor very modern furnishings and is comfortably arranged with armchairs to lounge in before one sits at table. My dish arrived in good time a clean plate with Octopus that is so hard to get right but was perfect here from the Clay Oven. Very simple & minimalist cooking but its all packed in microscopically to the dish.Who needs ladles of sauce? The desert-was equally impressive-simple skilled & condensed.Quite sophisticated & good value for the amount of skill & work entailed. Felt satisfied. £20 the 2 dishes.Yum. It wasnt too crowded and the service by 2 (Polish?)waitresses was aedequate. Would go again.

Dominique Ansel bakery

17-21 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9RP

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 2.0

Value: 2.0

Finally got served after 45 minutes of queing!Part 2.Flash in The Pan,Quickly tires. 04 November 2016

Well on my second attempt of lining up in the street like a line after 45 minutes I finall got served AND scored a last remaining "Cronut". This follow up visit was so important as after the first one I felt soo different. I chose different treats. Actually this second visit and £50 the lighter finished it for me. After standing in line as I say for 45 minutes forced to listen to the snobbish banter of a trend seeking student/tourist crowd I got my teeth into the fabled "Cronut". Man whats the fuss? A greasy cold so rubbery piece of chewed dough that I had trouble cutting with a serrated steak knife! The Guininess Vol au Vont had a gooey cold Mushroom gloop inside that when torn apart proved similiar to a croissant from The big 4 supermarkets it went all over my chin.Yuk. None of the components seemed to mesh.Crisped dash of cheese on top.Tough croissant vol au vent.Cold Gloopy sauce. Only the Oxtail soup was a work of genius-at least it was hot and made a great little meal of Oxtail & Noodles in a cup. @ £6. 3 other tarts I bought were not nearly as good as the first 3 I bought-Jasmine Lime and another. The atmosphere in there was OK regards staff but the customers seem to have the warmth of an ice box. Maybe its just the Victoriia bus station ambience as its a few stores down. Students,trend seekers,one feels this is the best option "Cos its like New York"though a very small part of "New York" one must say.

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