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The Jones Family Project

78 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 5.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 5.0

The Jones Family Project (EatLiveLondon) 05 October 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to enjoy a breakfast meeting at The Jones Family Project in Shoreditch. What I quickly learnt was that this was much more than just a restaurant but rather a multi-faceted social space. The restaurant was formed by 4 close friends with the aim of creating a unique space where people can relax and enjoy good food and drinks in a comfortable environment. What is really exciting about this venture is that it is constantly changing and evolving, so both new customers and loyal regulars are always going to experience something slightly new. As we went at breakfast time we ate upstairs, which had a very colourful and open vibe. It was a welcoming space with intricate, cool details throughout the room, there was something to always point at and talk about. Interestingly at the front of the restaurant there is a 'private office for one' supported with a printer and throughout the restaurant there are sockets to charge laptops thus showing how the project encourages a working atmosphere. This is really a versatile space for people to work in, eat or just relax. Let me move onto the food before talking you through downstairs. I ordered a delicious plate of Free Range poached eggs on wholemeal bread and a side of Ginger Pig bacon. The eggs were cooked to perfection that once cut into oozed out yolky goodness. But the bacon was the real winner on the plate! I usually don't order bacon, as I fear it will be undercooked and too fatty, but it was recommended to me so I could hardly refuse. It was ridiculously crispy and flavoursome, honestly I would return for the bacon alone! After breakfast we walked around downstairs, which had a completely different vibe to upstairs. It was darker and in a sense a lot more formal. The lower level restaurant focus’ on carefully sourced, high quality ingredients, and from peeking at the menu I would say there is a strong emphasis on meat. There are many different choices of seating areas downstairs whether you prefer orange leather chesterfield style sofas of cut out doll house style booths or even more private alcoves the restaurant facilitates all of this. It is the perfect space to rent out for parties and there is even a ‘stage set area’, which changes regularly where guests can rent out for the night (£35pp) and enjoy a one of a kind private dinning experience. I am already planning my next trip, this time for dinner, as I want to indulge in the extensive dinner menu, which looks incredible. So whether you want a quick breakfast, an indulgent dinner or just a drink makes sure not to miss The Jones Family Project as it is a really special place that is uniquely one of a kind.


36a Old Town, London SW4 0LB

Food & Drink: 3.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 4.0

Zumbura 09 September 2014

Let me start this review by saying what a special restaurant Zumbura is. Nestled in a pretty, quiet street in Clapham Old Town, this restaurant is vibrantly alive with colour and flavour. Zumbura is a new restaurant that serves up food local to the Purab region in North East India. Whilst the ambiance gives of an edgier, soho-ish vibe; the food and flavours transport you to India. What is distinctive is the healthy nature of all of the food, it is flavoursome without being overpowering and over-oiled. Zumbura has assumed a tapas-style form whereby diners choose from an assortment of mini plates ( on average £6-£7 each) and indulge in an Indian feast. Now as a North Londoner I very rarely venture down to Clapham, so naturally as I came out of the tube everything was a bit alien to me. There was a distinct trendy-village vibe going on, which I know sounds like an oxymoron but thats really how it felt. Walking into Zumbura the trendy side is really alive. With a bright turquoise wall off set by bricks and a 5 metre oak bar, this is no village restaurant. The owners were also the co-founders of Dwell furniture store, so it is no surprise that the place is superbly decorated. They thought of everything right down to the hodge podge/ mix and match plates and serving bowls. We started our meal with the chaat which was a plate of chickpeas coated in yogurt, crisp breads and a tangy tamarind sauce ( £4.50). It was a gorgeous explosion of flavours that were all equally balanced and the perfect way to start our meal. The next two dishes to arrive were the Tallee Machli (£8) and the Sikkiwe Chops (£8). The Talle Machli was a fish dish where the fish was succulent,smooth and melted on the tip of your tongue. I enjoyed this dish but it was nothing in comparison to the Sikkiwe Chops, this was our favourite dish. A simple dish in essence: twice marinated lamb chops, but not simple in flavour. They were perfectly cooked and all I can say is I wish there was more!! We then indulged in my second favourite dish which was Murghi ka Salan (£7.50) which was a home style chicken curry, cooked on the bone. There was so much flavour and the chicken fell off the bone as it was perfectly cooked. The sauce is rich but not overpowering which is why it was so enjoyable. We paired the chicken with Daal (£4) a lentil dish which was a watery consistency making it very light, although a texture we weren't expecting as well as a portion of Parval (£5) and side of Muttar Pula rice (£3.50). The parval was recommended to us, and the recommendation was spot on! For those of you not familiar with parval it is braised pointed gourd with crunchy seeds, and it was just the perfect vegetable accompaniment to this meal. We finished our meal with a pot of fresh mint tea and two small desserts. We had initially only ordered one, the Gajjar Ka Halwa (£3.5) which is a warm carrot dessert, but were then advised to try the Kheer (£3), a cold rice pudding dessert. We definitely preferred the Kheer as the Gajjar Ka Halwa was more of an acquired taste. Lastly let me talk about the cocktails! As amazing as the food was, the cocktails 100% held their own with an exquisitely unique menu. We tried 3 different ones, the first was the Fruity Wallah (£7). This was Zumbura's take on a mojito, and it was better then any original I had ever tasted, fruity and delicious this was a special cocktail that I can't quite say I have ever had anything like as it was stirred with chaat masala. For those of you who read my blog, you will know I am a huge tea fan, so it is no surprise that our next cocktail was a Himalayan Ice Tea (£7) which had a combination of earl grey and jasmine tea infused into the rum based cocktail. It was a subtle taste, but it complimented the food well and I would order again and again. Lastly we were told to try the Molly Moo Moo (£7) as this was the most popular cocktail. We enjoyed its raspberry fruity flavours but I think we agreed our favourite was they Himalayan Ice Tea. There were so many more dishes on the menu that I am already planning my next trip to Zumbura to try everything! This is a restaurant that should not be missed, whether you are keen on Indian cuisine or not, the restaurant is packed with colour and flavour that makes for the perfect culinary excursion. Check out their website for more information and a more detailed menu.

Chotto Matte

11-13 Frith Street, London W1D 4RB

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 5.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 4.0

19 August 2014

Chotto Matte is Soho's Japanese -Peruvian show stopper of a restaurant. Hard to miss on the corner of Firth Street, the restaurant commands your attention with its pumping music. The dark exterior is contrasted with a bright manga style mural that pops off the walls. But enough about the setting let me get into the nitty gritty…the food! The food here is on another level, fresh fish that melts in your mouth and robata grilled meats that have you drooling for more. I would highly recommend the grilled octopus and the yellow-tail with truffle tostada! This is a must see restaurant if you're into a bit of a scene and amazing food.

Song Que

134 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 2.0

Atmosphere: 2.0

Value: 3.0

19 August 2014

Real authentic Vietnamese food in the heart of East London. Kingsland road is flooded with Vietnamese restaurants, however there is one that stands out…literally people are standing outside the door waiting to get in. The menu is like a bible so make sure to order wisely. I would highly recommend the Pho Ga ( Ga meaning chicken) as this is my absolute favourite. The soup is fragrantly perfect, with the right noodle to chicken to broth ratio. Song Que Cafe is a must for any food lover. Word of warning you can't book it so be prepared to wait (the queue goes fast though so don't be put off).

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