Champagne - Champagne styles made simple

Style fileThe style file - Champagne Special

Champagne is made in a range of styles, so you’ll always find one to suit your taste. Julie Sheppard explains the basics to help you find the perfect fit

A Fizz for all reasonsA fizz for all reasons - Champagne Special

Celebrate, commemorate, speculate, congratulate… and do it with Champagne. Jane Parkinson comes up with ten fantastic fizzes, and occasions to match

The call of the wildThe Call of the Wild - Champagne Special

Some of the most remote areas of the world can now be explored without having to rough it. Lisa Grainger grabs her passport for a whirlwind tour

hot in the cityHot In The City - Champagne Special

Europe’s historic capitals offer myriad opportunities for exploration, shopping and dining. An inspired Jane Hayward chooses the best places to indulge

champagne party illustration 1The fizz factor

It makes any event go with a swing, but with so many styles to choose from, buying Champagne can be more than a little confusing. Fionnuala Synnott matches the style to the occasion

Champagne Single-VineyardOne of a Kind - Single-Vineyard Champage

The Champagne region is fizzing with excitement about single-vineyard cuvées right now. Michael Edwards investigates the terroir-based approach and recommends some of the finest bottles available

champagne corkThat Special Something - Champagne Beginners Guide

For most of us, a celebration is incomplete without a glass of champers. But what is it about Champagne that gives its wines that je ne sais quoi? Giles Fallowfield unlocks the secrets of the world’s favourite fizz

Champagne TrolleyNon-Vintage Champagne

We Brits guzzle more Champagne than any other country, and most of it is non-vintage. Giles Fallowfield talks us through the huge variety on offer

Bollinger 1829Vintage Champagne

We Brits consume more vintage Champagne than any other country. But, asks Giles Fallowfield, what makes this particular wine so distinctive?

Cristal Champagne 1999Prestige Cuvee

Champagne is the drink we turn to for celebrations. But for a real treat, says Giles Fallowfield, we should be popping the corks of prestige cuvées, the Champagne houses’ highest-quality wines