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  1. Published : Wednesday, 18 February 2015

    BRGR.CO | BRGR.CO Review

    A work outing last night led us to BRGR.CO. Never heard of this place before but a good find I would say. Located on Dean Street in Soho we stumbled inside after a few drinks and I was starting to drool. The smell of the patty was intoxicating. Surprisingly the place was quite empty as we walked in, everywhere else in Soho was packed. Four grown men sat down, four grown men were hungry yet eager for more alcohol too.

    Order of drinks were placed and onto the menu. Burgers were key but quite limited. I guess straight to the point then. The three of us went for the Butchers Cut. This was a 6oz patty which was served medium rare. Supposedly it is from all the best cuts the butcher usually keeps for himself. The extras you have to order separately. I just went for cheddar cheese and a side of crunchy fries...

  1. Published : Tuesday, 21 July 2015

    Duke's Brew & Que | A meaty occasion at Duke's Brew and Que

    After my last food coma at Pitt Cue, as a group we were advised to try Duke's Brew and Que. If you wanted BBQ style food, with pulled pork and other such friends then this was the place to visit. Oh my oh my, what a visit it was.

    So me and my friends, comrades, amigos, acquaintances, accomplices had arranged for a meat and liquor type of evening. By visiting Duke's we were certain to exceed our meat quota and counting calories and dieting never seemed more stupid than when presented with our food...

  1. Published : Friday, 30 January 2015

    BRGR.CO | Blog Archives - Life of Shayan

    A work outing last night led us to BRGR.CO. Never heard of this place before but a good find I would say. Located on Dean Street in Soho we stumbled inside after a few drinks and I was starting to drool. The smell of the patty was intoxicating. Surprisingly the place was quite empty as we walked in, everywhere else in Soho was packed. Four grown men sat down, four grown men were hungry yet eager for more alcohol too.

    Order of drinks were placed and onto the menu. Burgers were key but quite limited. I guess straight to the point then. The three of us went for the Butchers Cut. This was a 6oz patty which was served medium rare. Supposedly it is from all the best cuts the butcher usually keeps for himself. The extras you have to order separately. I just went for cheddar cheese and a side of crunchy fries....

  1. Published : Monday, 1 June 2015

    Jamie's Italian Piccadilly | Jamie's Italian - Review

    Chef and superstar Jamie Oliver has created a national chain of restaurants in the UK. They have been around for a while and it has taken me this long to finally visit one of his establishments.

    Why? It just seemed like an expensive chain food place. Jamie's Italian however, just by looking at the menu is something different, but the price point still out me off. I did finally go and I am glad I did. Jamie visited all parts of Italy as we saw a decade ago on TV and this trip has influenced many aspiring cooks as noted by his cookbook sitting in my kitchen. Thankfully, the menu reflects his journey in Italy and the way of eating. It is for the most part about sharing. Eating lots of different dishes and taking delights from the nation that gave us Pizza, Pasta and many more Italian favourites...

  1. Never judge a book by its cover. Or a restaurant by its name. Judge it by its quality, reviews and the hype; also by what I say too. Smoking Goat on Denmark Street has generated a lot of hype recently and this coupled with the fact that it was around the corner from my office means that i had to go.

    Sharing is caring and we all were happy to do this as it meant we were able to sample all the delights of the menu. The menu has three starters and three main courses. There were three of us on this trip which seemed ideal. We were in a sharing mood so we ordered the three starters which were the fish sauce wings, aubergine salad and a chilli salad...

  1. I was asked about my cholesterol the other night after my cousin had viewed my site and my so called food diary. I like to think that i eat good food and last night at The World's End Market i definitely did.

    The World’s End Market is located in the iconic building which formerly housed the World’s End pub, originally a tavern during the times of Charles II from which the area gained its name.

    The concept is simple: offering only the very best “market fresh” produce for all day dining, supporting, wherever possible, local suppliers. Clients are encouraged to choose from the resplendent fish and meat selection, much of the produce coming from their sister restaurant’s own Butcher’s, Fishmonger’s and Grocery Shop...

  1. Published : Tuesday, 17 November 2015

    Sable D’or | Life Of Shayan Sable Dor

    Think Kastner and Oven in the city and put in in North London. A bit more relaxed, more seating and a tad more expensive. Sable D&or entice you with the salads on display at the front, almost like Black Penny in Holborn and you see the vibrant colours and salads and you and your eyes are trapped.
    Roasted butternut squash, roasted aubergine, quinoa, pomegranate, tarragon, chillies, shaved Parmesan and so much more. Seeing all this in front of you meshed into a delightful salad and you already feel happy and invigorated. On a hangover too, you know that your body and mind are grateful for the nutrition after the punishment you gave it last night.
    French and North African flavours combine here to give you a delicate yet warm array of salads. Think of all the ingredients above and they throw them around and provide wonderful textures, exotic colours and hearty tastes.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 20 July 2016

    The Cavendish | Life of Shayan - The Cavendish

    When choice is plenty what do you do?
    Well when I went to 35 New Cavendish I sat back and let them decide for me. A set menu of pure bliss added with a great summers evening and a chilled negroni and all is good.
    The menu here has been updated by Douglas Santi and some of the stand out names are the rib eye steak, tuna tartar and a 100 layer lasagna. Say what!!!

  1. Published : Tuesday, 7 June 2016

    Q Grill | Life of Shayan - Q Grill

    Using their charcoal pit and their own rub mix, Q Grill gives you everything from brisket, chicken wings and ribs to prawns, burgers and sides. Plenty of food and a lot of options.
    On a hot Sunday afternoon, we were presented with a seat near the front and right next to the singer. This was a bit of a distraction; he was okay, but quite loud and the songs were very repetitive. I guess they were trying the hard rock vibe, but it was just too much and we could not even hear one other on a table for four.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 15 November 2016

    The Barbary | Life of Shayan - The Barbary

    So when the Life of Shayan get happy with one place they like to go again. You will all know how happy I was with The Palomar, therefore when I found out that they had a little brother, I had to go.
    The Barbary is slightly hidden in Neal&s Yard and having just launched, I only recently saw the shining lights.

  1. Published : Thursday, 14 April 2016

    Gunpowder | Life of Shayan - Gunpowder

    A new type of curry night, where no curry was eaten.
    Say what?

    Gunpowder has not been on the scene for too long and when my foodie friend suggested we go, on a hop, skip and jump we went. The restaurant classes itself as a home style Indian Restaurant and with dishes mentioning "maa&s" and "auntie" it makes you feel like you are getting authentic treats. The dishes originate in Calcutta and with the friendly staff and relaxed vibe (a small unassuming venue), you feel chilled and this makes the food stand out.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 17 May 2016

    Sodo Clapton | Life of Shayan - Sodo Clapton

    Sourdough Pizza is good quality healthy pizza. The fact that it takes so long to makes, makes you appreciate every bite even more. Sodo in Clapton (and also now in Walthamstow) specialises in this and has been doing so for many years.
    The process for Sourdough is about four to five days as yeast is not used and therefore you have to let the fermentation happen naturally.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 31 May 2016

    Bangalore Express | Life of Shayan - Bangalore Express

    This food blog gig isn&t too bad. Write articles every week, get mocked by colleagues and friends alike and don&t make any money. Sounds good doesn&t it?
    Every so often I get lucky enough to be invited out for dinner and last week I went to Bangalore Express, a restaurant by Yogesh Datta.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 15 November 2016

    Rök Islington | Life of Shayan - Rok

    Oh My. Oh My. I am a humble guy, but I must say, I made a great decision this night. Before going out, I decided to treat my wife and I to dinner at Rok Islington. I had read a lot about this place and knew it was one of the new places in London to visit. The critics loved it, the foodies had all been raving on about it, so I finally plucked up the courage to go. Being spontaneous is what keeps my marriage life happy.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 15 December 2015

    Flesh & Buns | Life of Shayan Flesh Buns

    Hello all from the LOS team. This week i will mostly be talking about FLESH AND BUNS.
    Last week my girlfriend and I went to Flesh and Buns which is right in the heart of the seven dials next door to the Donmar theatre in covent garden. The restaurant is located in the basement. At first i thought it was a little dark, it actually created atmosphere and a closeness which i thought was cool. We were seated at one of two long tables which ran the length of the restaurant. The rule at these tables is everyone has to sit across from each other. This is too encourage you to interact with other people sitting either side of you, which cleverly does work a lot of the time. If you come in a larger group or book you can also have a table or a booth which have been placed at either side of the 2 long tables. There is also a bar which is located at the far end of the restaurant. It all feels that they have made good use of the space available

  1. Christmas Lunch and it&s fifteen degrees outside. What the...!
    Slightly warmer weather and by the river, off we went to Sea Containers at the Mondrian Hotel. A great location on the South bank and avoiding the rain, the location and venue are a great sight for both Londoners and tourists. Now here was hoping that the food would match.
    A busy menu, but one that screamed "EAT ME&, "share me" and "indulge". From the starters which we were recommended to share such as Ceviche and Barruta to the sharing main courses of Pork Chop and Rib Eye Steak.
    As a group we went for the starters to share amongst the group and these were padron peppers- drenched in salt, a Burrata (cheese on bread with some romesco), ceviche and oven Lamb roasted Meatballs. As a whole these were tasty but nothing really stood out for me. The lamb meatballs were a bit dry and tough with the crispy exterior being more hard than crunchy and the soft inside being a bit dry too.

  1. Published : Thursday, 9 February 2017


    I do love Italians and Italian food. As a people they are flamboyant and charming and their food with its simplicity at times is the same.
    QP LDN, previously named Quattro Passi has been around since 2014, yet recently went through a change and revamp. The menu was updated as well as the introduction of its new late-night bar and lounge located beneath the restaurant, QP Lounge.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 22 February 2017

    Pachamama | Pachamama Peruvian Food in London

    "Pachamama is a Peruvian-inspired bar & restaurant in Marylebone that is dedicated to making the most of the extraordinary ingredients available in the UK. The cocktail menu is Pisco-focused and our cupboards are stocked with Mezcal. Open for weekday lunch, weekend brunch and dinner and drinks 7 days a week."
    That is a complete copy and paste job right there. They explain who and what they are so well.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 4 January 2017

    Mango Indian | Life of Shayan Mango Indian

    I had always thought curries were in east or west London only. But in the last month alone, London Bridge and South London is standing up and representing too. Est.India and now Mango Indian are part of my curry club adventure which is taking me across London and even Kent.

    Mango Indian, off Southwark Road have crafted bespoke menu options by fusing traditional dishes and modern concepts to deliver food that is full of natural flavour. They have been open for many years and are very popular with the locals. The aim now, is to spread the word and get pople from far and wide down to this nice restaurant.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 4 January 2017

    Ethos | Life of Shayan Ethos

    We all like good food and foodies will try most things in the quest for good food.
    As an Iranian meat eater, and someone who medically needs red meat in their diet, Hearing about Vegans and Vegetarians does make me slightly uneasy.

    ​However, in the last few years, I have definitely learnt to appreciate vegetarian food.

    So how does Ethos work? Two words, weight plate. Think ottolenghi style food; vegetarian salads, with broccoli, butternut squash and kale and then add more veg main dishes too.

    On offer this evening was a full array of dishes. On my plate abve I had a beetroot salad, some dauphanoise potatoes, gnocchi (more potatoes), flat bread, Guacamole, broccoli, humous and a veggy scotch egg. A mismatch of food, a pick &n&mix of flavours and an assortment of textures and flavours. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

  1. Published : Wednesday, 4 January 2017

    Clutch | Life of Shayan Clutch

    Chicken Chicken, the new craze is chicken. Once again, The Life of Shayan team took their time coming to this party. Yet, thankfully, Clutch Chicken in Hoxton has kept the party going and welcomed me with open arms.

    This along with Chick &n& Sours and Chicken Shop were the originators of the London Chicken Scene and now we have Mother Clucker, Ma&Plucker and many, many more. Why not, the Chicken mark up is so good and so many wonderful things can be done to this meat. especially when fried.

    Clutch has been around for a minute and I am glad I had this impromptu visit on a pub crawl. A table was booked and the excitement began to set in, this was enhanced by five cocktails and the chance to be indoors on a rainy day.

  1. The film was to start at six, so the question we had was to eat before the film or after. We decided to eat beforehand and had a chance to sample the afternoon tea at The Charlotte Street Hotel. The restaurant here is called Oscar, which seemed fitting for a film club. Clever!

    The Afternoon Tea was a nice treat for us. It was also a good excuse to be healthy and not drink any alcohol. We went for darjeeling tea instead of Earl Grey as a chance to treat ourselves to something different.

    The tea selection was divided into three plates. The top section was a dessert platter with a cranberry macaroon, ginger bread biscuit, Chocolate Christmas tree cupcake, Spiced Plum Egg Nog and a mini mince pie to share.

    The middle plate was the sandwich selection, which included a smoked salmon sandwich, ham sandwich, turkey sandwich, a mushroom and brie tart and a goat&s cheese truffle. Lastly on the bottom plate was our scones with jam and clotted cream.

  1. Published : Monday, 28 November 2016

    Santa Maria Chelsea | Life of Shayan Santa Maria Chelsea

    Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. It&s everywhere now. North, East, South, West; Shayan likes to travel for what is best.

    Or what I hope is best.
    This excursion and adventure was instigated by Josie and off we went to Santa Maria Pizzeria in Chelsea. I had not heard of them before but did my research and started to get excited.

    Having had a successful restaurant in Ealing, the crew decided to open part two in Chelsea. Focusing on traditional Napoletena Pizza, they aspire to feed everyone with an authentic taste of Naples and providing &Quality and Quantity at honest prices&.

    Being with Laura and her sister, I was able to experience Santa Maria with two people who have been to Naples and experienced the authentic thing. Their opinion was important (as always) this time.

    We were very hungry this lunch time, so as a start we went for Bruschetta (which was topped with tomatoes, garlic, oregano and oil), Aubergines Parmigiana (aubergines cooked in olive oil, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil), Smoked Mozzarella Balls in a tomato sauce and FINALLY Burrata Pugliese ( Stuffed cheese in cheese with rocket and roasted cherry tomatoes).

    Quite a lot and all with a healthy portion of freshly baked bread.
    A good, filling start from Santa Maria, with the rich tomato sauce and cheese keeping us happy.

  1. Published : Monday, 28 November 2016

    Dum Biryani House | Life of Shayan Dum Biryani House

    A Biryani specific restaurant. It&s all happening now.
    AND I am so happy about it. A lucky day for me as the owner Dhruv reached out to ask if I wished to try his new restaurant in Soho and I am a team player, So yes I said and off I went.

    Dhruv Mittal, the owner and creator of DUM Biryani House had this idea to cater for hungry eaters and busy people. The plan here was to showcase the Biryani dish and the best of South Indian cuisine.

    The name and concept of the &DUM& is based on the cooking technique of steaming the rice on a low heat until it infuses with the herbs, spices and meat too.

  1. Published : Monday, 28 November 2016

    Smokestak | Life of Shayan Smokestak

    The legend has a permanent home. This is big news for foodies across London and England. Smokestak with its legendary beef and pork ribs has opened its first restaurant. As an ever popular of visitors to Dinerama, Street Feast and Hawker House, Smokestak has built a large following and great fan fare.

    Now Smokestak is no longer just a stall at a food hall with others, it is now a destination and establishment in its own right.

    ​I waited a week, got a table and went with my brothers. A night of meat and liquor. Sounds good to me and the bros.

    So how do you turn two or three dishes into a restaurant? Well, look above and see the extended menu.

    What they have done here, is to tease the foodies with some snacks to begin your visit with. Dishes like scratchings and pig tails are there tonne picked and grazed at.

    Then from here come the proper starters. Beef brisket buns with red chilli was the dish we ordered to share. This is one of the classics which have made smokestak a fan favourite. Juicy beef with the sweet chili brings a tang to it and this moistens the burger and adds another layer of flavour to the dish.

  1. Published : Tuesday, 28 March 2017

    Bao Fitzrovia | Life of Shayan Bao Fitzrovia

    London has the quality and diversity of food like no other. Well, maybe New York too. Next up on the list of niche restaurants is steamed buns from Bao.

    BAO = Bun. This is how they describe themselves
    "We make all our Baos in house, using milk, wheat flour and a roux. We steam our Baos so they are soft, pillowy and cloud-like."

    ​That&s it. what more do you want to know?

    Bao is very related to one of my other loves; Burgers. If you think about it, they are very similar. Buns are a vessel to serve food.

    When the buns are &soft, pillowy and cloud like& it is no surprise that Bao has become a hit in London. From huge queues at their original site in Soho, they opened up a second restaurant in Fitzrovia and delighted those queue haters with a booking system.

    I eventually went to Bao in early February, just before Valentines Day and the table was booked and we walked in to a busy restaurant. Sat and welcomed, we went about checking out the Fitzrovia menu. This menu, we were told was slightly different to the original and had also been updated with new editions.