Superstar chefs Claude Bosi and Yannick Alleno host two exclusive dinners

Two Michelin-starred Hibiscus is the much-loved culinary home for outspoken French-turned-Londonder chef/patron Claude Bosi, and will play a temporary one for one of France's biggest names, three Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno.

Claude and Yannick have both been rigorously trained and demonstrated the breadth of their culinary talents at a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants in France including Restaurant Alain Ducasse (Bosi) and Le Meurice (Alléno).

The two superstar French chefs will be hosting two exclusive, eight-course tasting dinners, showcasing modern French gastronomy at its most dignified. Both chefs will prepare half the dishes on the menu, bringing guests' attention to their individual styles through dishes such as Pyrénées milk-fed lamb chop, pike mousse in Vienna bread with celery extract or sake jelly with rice vinegar, sea urchin, rice cream and seaweed biscuits.

The menu will be £175 per person, and there will also be an option for wine matching at an additional £75.

To reserve your place, ring 020 7629 2999, or email