Sounds of Summer with the Pimm's Experience

Pimm's - sounds of summer

Having conducted a survey to determine the nation's favourite summer sounds, Pimm's will be taking them on tour as part of a series of summer-themed events. Across the country, our public spaces will be transformed into BBQs, parks and pub gardens against a backdrop of summer sounds, with plenty of Pimm's and lemonade on offer. For more information visit

The Schedule

Tuesday, 12 August - Leeds, Millennium Square
Thursday, 14 August - Edinburgh, Festival Square
Tuesday, 19 August - Birmingham, Victoria Square
Thursday, 21 August - Exeter, Southernhay Gardens

Top Sounds of Summer:

1. Lawnmower cutting grass
2. Pub garden chatter/laughter
3. Waves breaking on a beach
4. Cricket ball hitting a bat
5. People playing tennis
6. Drinks being poured over ice
7. Seagulls cawing
8. Pigeons cooing
9. Clinking glass
10. Rain