Share post-Imbibe Live drinks with Café Pacifico’s founders

CafePacifico 1

Following their presentation at Imbibe Live 2012 on Wednesday 4 July, Café Pacifico’s Tomas Estes and Ron Cooper will be back at the bar and available for questions, a chat about all things love, life and agave – or just a friendly drink.

So whether you want to ask Tom about his first love (her name was Janey) or talk to Ron about his opinion on all things Tequila-related (the geekier, the better), the doors of Café Pacifico will be open, and those in the industry will be offered generous discounts on Ocho Tequila and Mezcal del Maguey.

The Café Pacifico duo’s presentation for Imbibe Live takes place at 3.30pm in the Taste Zone.