Royal afternoon teas at 1901 at Andaz


In honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, 1901 restaurant will pay homage to the Queens of England with a series of themed afternoon teas.

England has seen five solo queens during its history, and each afternoon tea will take inspiration from one their reigns. All of the afternoon tea will include sandwiches, pastries and scones with a regional or historical twist, and will include a creative cocktail.

The afternoon tea schedule is as follows:

February: ‘Bloody Mary’ afternoon tea
This tea celebrates the reign of Queen Mary I (1553-1558). England’s first queen married Prince Philip II of Spain in 1554, so the tea will have a Spanish theme. Expect chorizo-and-squid sandwiches in pimento bread, tortilla with garlic mayo, churros with chocolate crema catalana, and more.

March: ‘The Virgin Queen’ afternoon tea
Queen Elizabeth I never married. Her reign (1558-1603) coincided with the first English attempt to colonise the New World, led by Sir Walter Raleigh. The tea will have an American slant, with pastrami sandwiches, mini burgers, chocolate brownies and peanut-butter cookies, among other treats.

April: ‘Brandy Nan’ afternoon tea
During Queen Anne’s rule (1702-1714), the War of Spanish Succession ended, and the Treaty of Utrecht saved Vienna and the whole of Austria. Austrian treats on offer for this afternoon tea include sauerkraut and white-sausage sandwiches with sweet mustard, apple strudel, and Bavarian cream cakes.

May: ‘Empress of India’ afternoon tea
Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901) coincided with the industrial invention, economic growth, and colonial expansion, especially to India. Expect chicken-tikka sandwiches, coconut pastries and sweet samosas at this Indian-themed afternoon tea.

June: ‘The Diamond Queen’ afternoon tea
From the start of her reign in the 1950s, Queen Elizabeth II had been popular at home and abroad. In honour of the Head of State’s jubilee, this afternoon tea is quintessentially British. The feast will include Coronation chicken sandwiches and cakes such as millionaire’s shortbread, and scones with clotted cream and jam.

All afternoon teas are priced at £45 per head. The teas are available Monday-Friday from 3pm-4.30pm. To reserve a place, contact or call 020 7618 7000.