Regional Food Festivals at the Cinnamon Club

Foodies should be glad to hear that the Cinnamon Club will continue to hold regional food festivals in 2005, with monthly-changing festival menus served alongside the usual à la carte and gastronomic sets. February will showcase the cooking of Rajasthani Marwar, a region where age-old royal connections have made for a lavish style of cooking based on game and exotic spices – don’t miss the delicious dish of pheasant, which places a subtly spiced tandoor-cooked breast next a rich jungle curry based on the bird’s leg. In March, the kitchen heads south to Tamil Nadu, where aromatic and slightly sweet treats might include garlic and star anise-flavoured lamb koftas simmered in coconut, red chilli and coriander sauce. April will see the tandoor put to good use in creating a menu of Middle Eastern-influenced food from the North West Frontier – expect the likes of corn-fed chicken with green chillies, coriander and caramelised onion. In May, a cracking menu of Keralan Seafood might include a stir-fry of squid with garlic, shallots, coconut and chilli or a king prawn curry with green mango and coconut.