Noodle Festival at Awana


To celebrate the invention of the noodle first created in 5,000 BCE, Awana will celebrate all sorts of noodles as the star ingredients of its dishes from 15-31 July. Executive chef Mark Read and Malaysian chef Lee Chin Soon have created a menu that highlight this ingredient’s versatility, allowing you to mix and match rice noodles or crispy egg noodles with the a la carte experience and Malaysian cuisine.

The Menu


Mee Sambal Udang £9.50
Crispy egg noodle cake topped with barbecued prawn tails and onion sambal.

Bihun Kerabu £7.00
Rice noodle salad with curried winged beans, coriander and sour fruit.

Mee Daging Pedas £7.00
Spicy boiled beef and glass noodles with sesame and bamboo.

Main courses

Mee Sambal Sajian Laut £16.00
Prawn, scallop and noodle stir-fry with king oyster mushroom and pak choy in sambal sauce.

Mee Ayam Sos Tomato Pedas £15.00
Egg noodles cooked in a spicy tomato sauce topped with sour fish roll and crispy chicken pieces.


Mee Manis £7.00
Glass noodles poached in coconut with sweet potato and pineapple, garnished with edible flowers.