Maharashtrian regional festival

The Cinnamon Club will celebrate the cuisine of Maharashtra throughout June.

The western state of India boasts a delicate cuisine with two distinctive styles. Costal area flavours are largely dependent on freshly ground spices, whereas inland cuisine is characterised by dried spice combinations with garlic and chilli as the dominant flavours. Chef Tukaram Jadhav has created a set menu to reflect these flavours during the month of June.

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Tavya tali kolambi
King prawns marinated with curry leaves and peppercorns and griddle fried
Ratali sabudane wade
Tapioca and sweet potato cakes with peanuts
Hirvyai masaletali paplet
Char-grilled whole silver pomfret with green spices and coconut
Malvani kombdi masala
Black leg chicken simmered in traditional Malvani spiced curry
Cucumber and semolina pudding
Kaju kharras
Cashew and coconut fudge